Monday, April 30, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Do Not Go Gentle

As you can imagine, counting down these final episodes hasn't been easy and I expected a bit of a let down after that phenomenal Heart of Darkness kiss between Damon and Elena, but what I didn't expect was to find the third to the last episode, the game changer, so very 'meh'.

Decades Dance 

You know a decades dance is coming that means blood, danger and something terrible while all our favorites are dressed for fun. It also typically means we get 'time' at the dance, but the arrival of the 1920s dance finds Elena awkwardly asking Stefan to be her escort.  I get what Caroline was saying, by encouraging Elena to ask Stefan, but if she really is supposed to be giving the guys equal time then Damon needs a set of dates pronto - not just clandestine make out sessions and adrenaline-fueled danger.

Whether the scene was supposed to be played for nerves or Elena was just plain uncomfortable, Stefan's delight was not mirrored in Elena's eyes. I get the sense that Elena thinks if she's going to love a vampire it should be Stefan and she's trying to forget the Ripper and all the terrible things he did (not to mention all the lies he told).  Because Damon doesn't live on a delusional wagon and he doesn't pretend to be nice.

Unfortunately, not even the quiet moment in the gym after the worst happens when Stefan tries to apologize for biting her and brings up all those ugly memories brings them closer -- it just goes to show how devastated and alone Elena feels these days.

911 - What Up Bonnie?

Does anyone feel like Bonnie has literally become a story point plot device? Break a curse, get Bonnie. Raise the dead, get Bonnie. Cast a locater spell, get Bonnie.  Kat Graham deserves to do more than just be there for the convenience of the plot.  Her whole date with Jamie at the dance was flat. Jamie's been around for five minutes of screen time and I'm supposed to care that he and Bonnie are kicking it up at the dance?

Loved it when Jeremy walked up, queue the awkward.  And Bonnie didn't even blink which is odd considering she was so pissy with Elena for sending him away to begin with.  The best line of the night with regard to Bonnie was the moment when Stefan told Klaus that since Bonnie didn't care if they lived or died, threatening her wasn't really going to work as a motivator.

Having Bonnie possessed by the 'bitch sisters from beyond' to turn Alaric at the end was just irritating. Of course, i started hoping that Bonnie would die and not because I hate the character, but I hate her as a plot device. I'd have preferred it if Bonnie would be the empowered one and not the pawn.  If she'd turned Alaric because she saw it as the final justice to ending the vampires et al, at least that would have meant more than look, Esther is pulling the strings.

Speaking of Esther

I am so over the original witch and her whole family with the minor exception of Elijah.  Klaus whines way too much for a villain and he finally stands up to mummy when she's dead.  Pathetic much? Esther's also stuck in purgatory, I get it, she's being punished for unleashing vampires on the world so now she wants to take it back, but torturing Alaric from the other side, turning him into a murderer and then converting him into a vampire killing original like she did last time I checked, two wrongs sure as hell don't make it right.

Interestingly enough, I remember pointing out a few months back that we didn't know what happened to Alaric when he died. Now we do.

My response: ugh.

"It doesn't matter what he has to offer, I love you."

Caroline remains one of the true shining beacons on this show. While she is often marginalized, tonight she got to dance with Tyler and they were having a great time until Klaus showed up.  Rather than tip their hand that the sire bond was broken, Tyler had to take a step back and let Caroline dance with Klaus. But Caroline put both vampires in their place. She doesn't want what Klaus is trying to offer. She loves her guy, hybrid issues and all.

Three's a Crowd

Damon showing up at the dance to clue Stefan and Elena into his worry for Alaric was done brilliantly. It lacked any petty jealousy and no attempts to ruin their night. He was worried about Alaric and Elena. Because if Alaric's dark side was in control, he hates all vampires and vampire sympathizers which makes Elena public enemy #1...considering how many vampires she's tied to and Klaus' need for her to turn hybrids.

Unfortunately, Jeremy didn't take the news well and when Elena went off to talk to him Esther showed up to compel Elena away, leaving most of our vampires trapped and bound inside the school.  I loved that it was Matt and Jeremy that went after Elena and it hurt that Esther nearly killed them both, but transitioning Alaric killed her.

This was the moment of truth, even though Elena fought her verbally and physically, Alaric was in transition. If he drank human blood, he would become an Original courtesy of Elena's blood and Esther's spell with the last white oak stake empowered by the Gilbert ring to be immortal as his Original killing weapon.

Predictably, a now sane Alaric says he won't transition. He would rather die than become the thing that would kill all the people he loves.  The most powerful scene in the entire episode occurs when Elena and Alaric step out of the Salvatore Crypt (how poetic is that? Mommy Original was murdered on that spot) to find all their friends and family waiting.

The look of absolute raw pain on Damon's face broke my heart. Rick is his best friend...another brother. It was painful to watch the two sit together talking, laughing, drinking and waiting for Rick to die. Even funnier was Damon apologizing for killing him twice and Rick calling him on the fact that it takes him really dying for Damon to even apologize.

As Rick faded away, Damon closed his eyes and left him in the Salvatore Crypt. A fitting burial place for his brother until the possessed Bonnie shows up to take Damon down and turn Rick.

So now, Alaric the Vampire Slayer is out there with his ultimate weapon and he has one set of targets: Esther's children.  If Esther's spell is correct, he'll kill them all, eradicating all vampires and then he too will die.

I feel for Elena, she blames herself for dragging Rick back into her life because she needed a parent figure and he's number six that she's lost.  But we have only two episodes left and as Meh as I found this one, I cannot wait to see Matt Davis play bad. He's going to be a delicious villain. I hope Klaus takes notes.

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