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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: Heart of Darkness

Last night was the night, our heroes returned after three weeks of hiatus and they weren't pulling their punches...much.  Without a lot of hoopla, let's make our Y incision into Heart of Darkness

Alaric & Mr. Hyde

After running a little wild, our resident history professor has willingly let the Salvatores incarcerate him in their cell below the boarding house.  Elena drops by to deliver supplies and books (including Damon's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" which amuses Alaric because at least Damon still has his sense of humor) and the two talk.  The sober discussion includes Elena's confession that her upcoming trip to Denver with Damon is a tri-fold mission: retrieve Jeremy, find out who turned Rose and confront her feelings for Damon.

Side note: I think the only two people who aren't sure about how Elena feels are Elena and Damon.

In the meanwhile, Alaric knows he has to get his dark side out so Stefan can learn the location of the missing White Oak stake (the cave that no vampire can enter was a no brainer by the way).  He and Stefan bond and talk a little about why Elena needed to go with Damon on the trip and not Stefan.

No matter what I go through to get her back. Fighting my bloodlust, trying to gain control of my life again, none of that matters if she has feelings for someone else.
Sorry Stefan, boo hoo. You know, it says something that Damon can accept that she loves Stefan, but Stefan can't cope if she loves Damon.

Unfortunately for Alaric, things get worse before they get better...such as Klaus showing up and deciding to give them a hand by snapping Alaric's neck.  He also spouts off a few threats for good measure. When Alaric wakes up, he's still Rick, not Mr. Hyde.

So Stefan has to open a can of whip ass on him.  It was kind of sad that Stefan had to be pushed to unleash on him - particularly after the blood showed up.  Alaric told him that he had to be serious or Mr. Hyde wouldn't believe him. Personally, if Mr. Hyde is just the darker facets of Alaric's personality then yeah, he knows Stefan isn't going to kill him even if Stefan tip toes on that line. Of course, pushing Stefan toward the Ripper is a lot like playing chicken with a slip and you're toast.

Fortunately, it works. Mr. Hyde shows up and confesses all.

Stefan heads upstairs, texting Damon to let him know they know where it is and oopsie, there's a Klaus and Rebekah in his living room.

Speaking of Rebekah...

How adorable were Caroline and Matt and their faux fight to convince wanna be bad girl Rebekah that Caroline was walking out on dance set up because she didn't get her way? She was off to reunite with Tyler (and more on that soon).  Matt also gave Rebekah a little sage advice about not looking at a ride home from school to closely...speaking of which, why the heck doesn't Rebekah have a car? And why did she need a ride, she can run faster than a car anyway?

Of course, the girlish little smile after Matt left spoke volumes. Girl has a crush on Caroline and Elena's ex, but then we kind of knew that.

Inside the mansion, Rebekah finds Mommy Esther.  Seems like with the death of Abby, the channeling of the whole Bennett line went kaplooey, and she's dying again. She reaches out to Rebekah, they share a semi-tender moment and then Esther keels over.

Personally, that was way too easy. So I was really not surprised to find out that Esther faked Rebekah out and took over her body. Talk about Mommy Bitchiest...and she fooled Klaus, but she confessed it to Alaric Hyde when he took her to get the stake. Now the two are plotting the destruction of all vampires.

I think Mommy Esther is trapped or damned because she unleashed vampires on the world. Either way, nothing good can come from this.

So Kill Me or Get the Hell Out of My House

Stefan called Klaus on all his crap threats, by the way. Pointing out that Klaus' had plenty of opportunities to off the younger Salvatore and he never does it.  Klaus says it's cause he wants his friend back -- you know the psychotic, butchering Ripper -- it will be all the rage this Christmas. Stefan says sorry, I've accepted that this is a part of me, it can't control him and neither can Klaus. So kill me or get the hell out of my house.

Klaus looked all pensive and pouty.  Sorry Niklaus, no Ripper for you.

Oops, Caroline Kept the Picture

So, after weeks apart (not to mention losing her dad in the meanwhile), Caroline and Tyler reunite for some naughty nookie in the tomb ... the tomb? Yeah, okay, nothing says passion like dirt and rocks, but okay.

The reunion is wonderful, it was fabulous to see Caroline looking happy. She's spent a miserable few weeks since Tyler was hybridized, her dad died and coping with Klaus' 'affections.'  Caroline clued Tyler into the problem with offing the Originals and the fact that Damon doesn't care that Tyler is in Klaus' bloodline, if they aren't, they plan to kill him anyway.

I don't think Damon is unfeeling, but I do think he's weighing the loss versus the gain and as much as I adore Tyler, getting rid of the Hybrids as a whole and Klaus is something I could get on board with.  After a day of lovemaking, the two head back to Caroline's house. The Sheriff gives the nod for Tyler to stay there...on the sofa. Unfortunately, Tyler finds the drawing Klaus did of Caroline and the horse and he gets his nose all out of joint and ditches her to stay elsewhere.

Um, hello?

Tyler's jealousy was over the top, all things being equal and I have to wonder if it's a sign of forboding that his sire bond is still in effect.  In other words, if Klaus wants Caroline, Tyler will absent himself because he wants to make Klaus happy.


Road Trip

Yes, I saved the best for last, because it's the part of the episode I wanted to talk about the most.  Damon and Elena head (first class) to Denver to retrieve Jeremy.

“The next time we compel him. Remind me to make him better at baseball.”

Unfortunately, Kol is right there. Elena's horror at seeing him was great and Damon didn't hesitate (as always) to get right in front of her and took a baseball bat to the face for this trouble. Fortunately, Damon thinks fast and he grabbed the wood sharded bat and staked Kol buying them enough time to get the hell out of there.

Jeremy is flummoxed that the Originals found him and that he's been hanging out with one.  The three leave Denver in an SUV speedily, pausing at a dark motel so Jeremy can call Rose.  Damon teasingly reminds them that the hotel was Elena's idea. Uncertain of how to call her, Jeremy says he needs something personal so Damon tells him about Rose's last day, that she spent it in sunshine and happiness and when death came, she wasn't afraid.

Elena is confused, because she doesn't remember that, but it works and Rose comes.  She tells Jeremy to tell Damon he's dripping sex as usual, but Jeremy looks a little horrified about saying that. He also doesn't pass along Rose's message that she is rooting for Damon and Elena.

Who's Your Daddy?

Unfortunately, Rose was turned by Mary Porter (Scary Mary) and Rose doesn't know who turned her or where she is, but she says she will find her. That leaves Damon to babysit the Gilbert siblings.  Jeremy wants to know what Elena's doing with Damon, but she's not talking and Damon returns to a room thick with tension.

Later they are trying to get some sleep and Damon comes out of the bathroom shirtless (much better than the last episode where he was bloody and shirtless). Only Elena's not really asleep and she can't keep her eyes off Damon. Damon notices and heads over to lay down on the bed next to her.

She wants to know why he doesn't let people see the nice things he does and he tells her that when they know, they expect nice and he doesn't want to live up to anyone's expectations. The answer frustrates Elena and she is obviously struggling with all the emotions (and pent up passion).  Damon takes her hand and Elena's fingers begin to close on his and it's almost too much -- just that one little touch and she jack knifes out of the bed and leaves the room.


She pulls on a sweater and leans against a coke machine, obviously fighting the feelings inside of her. Damon follows her out and she just says "Don't."

I love the look he gives her, curiosity mingling with wary hope.  "Why not?"

When she says nothing, he breathes out her name "Elena" and yes, I got tingles. She shakes her head and she can't take it either, she turns and for the first time, she jumps him. That kiss blew the roof off every other 'near kiss' and 'sweet kiss' they've shared including his porch declaration back in The New Deal.

The kiss isn't a short one either, they move on to full on making out. Damon kisses her neck, her shoulder and then her and Elena's hands are all over him.  Unfortunately, Jeremy interrupts because Rose is back.  Elena is embarrassed to be caught making out and Jeremy can't believe it. But I love that Damon takes a beat to catch his breath and says let's go (and that he still puts himself between her and anyone else, even Jeremy).

Scary Mary

Mary Porter is in Kansas (for some reason I crossed my fingers and hoped she hadn't run afoul of any Winchesters).  At her very creepy house, Elena tells Jeremy to stay with the car and he smarts off with why, so you two can go make out again?  Damon tells him to not be a dick and 'stay' with the car.  Then he and Elena head in.

Turns out Damon knows Scary Mary, they apparently bumped nasties at some point in the last few decades. When Elena stares at him, Damon shrugs...he said she was creepy, not ugly.  Unfortunately, she's also very dead.  Kol is waiting for them.

Klaus told him what they were looking for and he's making sure the information isn't available. Course, I'm thinking with Scary Mary on the other side, Rose might be able to just ask her and let Jeremy know, but that would probably be too easy. 

In the meanwhile, Kol has a bone to pick with Damon. Damon snapped his neck and embarrassed the poor little Original in front of his family, so he starts beating on him. Damon tells Elena to get out of there and when she tries to run, Kol blocks her and says she shouldn't push him, even if Klaus says she's off limits and then he tosses her into a wall.

Damon's up and right back into Kol's face growling "Don't touch her" and gets a few more bones cracked before Kol leaves them to it.  Elena is helping Damon and Damon is checking her cuts, because she's bleeding, but they both assure the other they are okay.

What Are You Doing?

Empty-handed and sore, Damon wants to know what Elena is doing? Why did she kiss him? Is she taking him out for some test drive?  Elena confesses that Stefan thinks she has unresolved feelings and when Damon asks her if she does, she says she doesn't know.  But that answer came out too quick and it quivered.

Elena's scared. She's scared to death to love Damon.  I think in part because loving Damon is work, loving him will never be a bed of roses and waltzing into the sunset, it will always be fire and ice, danger and delight and she's eighteen years old.  She needs more than a snot nosed brother and her friends to confide in...right now, Elena really needs a woman. Because loving Damon requires her to be a woman, not a little girl.

Damon asks her if she's waiting for him to screw up and she points out he always has in the past and he tells her it won't be that easy this time. She's going to have to make that decision on her own.  

The beautiful thing about this fight, they weren't dancing around the subject at hand, they faced it head on.

He May Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Her

On the ride home, Damon and Elena aren't talking, but every time one looks away, the other glances at them. Jeremy is watching both from the backseat when Rose appears. She cautions him not to tell Damon and Elena she is there.  She came back to give Jeremy a message. She knows Jeremy doesn't want Elena with Damon, but he needs to understand, they had a fight and they're hurting.  Stefan's love may be pure, but Damon and Elena's love for each other changes the other person. 

She makes Damon want to be a better man and he challenges her to be more than she is.  He may be the worst thing that ever happened to her, but he may also be the best. 

I heart Rose and her Delena shipperness!  

I also heart that Damon and Elena kiss and kudos to Damon, they had a fight and he didn't lash out. He kept his own control.  

What an episode and after the last few, I feel like we're back on track.

What did you think?  

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