Thursday, May 24, 2012

Suck It Up Thursday

I miss my Vampire Diaries. I miss counting down to it. I miss knowing that Damon is waiting for me at the end of the day. But with that whine over, I am - eek gasp - also kind of glad there is no Vampire Diaries tonight. Instead, So You Think You Can Dance returns and I along with a few thousand of my closest friends (you may know them as Chris Hemsworth watchers) are counting it down to Snow White and the Huntsman which releases on June 1st. Talk about kicking the month off right. We started May with The Avengers and we start June with SWATH.  Both feature Chris Hemsworth.

Definitely a sexy trend to stay on top of there.

Day Three, Look At Me

When you're done drooling over the beautifulness that is Mr. Hemsworth, I wanted to share with you my look at me portion of the day. It's day three of the Medifast plan and I haven't had coffee in over 80 hours. I haven't killed anyone either. It's pretty freaking amazing. Before you stare in wonder, I didn't actually "intend" to give up coffee, I just haven't wanted it (and with the water and the meals every three hours I haven't had room for it).  To boot, I've lost five pounds.

Yes. I said five.

Granted, I know it's mostly water weight to begin with, but I don't care. I am feeling pretty good. I love the lean and green dinners I'm fixing (what's more so does Mini Me) and I'm staying on target with my goals, which brings me too...

Book Nook

I'm writing like crazy while juggling some day job responsibilities. I plan to have Hels' Gauntlet turned in by the 30th which just so happens to be the day that Jacob's Trial, the second in the Forbidden Legacy series releases and just a couple of days before Tell It The Marine, my third Always a Marine 1NS releases.

So excited for all of this.  Oh and before I forget, in honor of Memorial Day as both a day to salute our troops and thank all who served (and for all you moms out there with your kids for a three day weekend), I'm putting The Love Thieves out for free Friday through Monday.  That's right, all four days, it will be free to download on Amazon, so don't miss out.

Friday Fireworks

A 10 author blog hop kicks off tomorrow and we're giving away a Kindle Fire and a whole lot more, so don't miss out on the hop. Come right back here first thing in the morning.


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  1. Wow--I'm tired just looking at that list. Congrats on the books coming out! And thanks for sharing the YUM. I just saw the Avengers on Tuesday, and loved it. Also, YUM.