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Think Greek Week: Guest Blogger Sasha Summers and Her Love Affair with Greek Gods

I’m so excited to spread my love (almost an addiction, really) for the men of Olympus. And I do love the men of Olympus… deeply.

I think it’s kind of easy to see why. Each of these guys radiate alpha male, of God-like proportions, in the most fantastic and mythic sense of the word. Now don’t ask me to pick a favorite, I can’t. Since my series, Loves of Olympus, started I’ve been working through them one by one – and have found something special and worthy in each one of them. I’m sharing those tidbits and some of my visual inspiration too… You can find more on my Pinterest page:

Zeus – 100% alpha. This guy rules Olympus. He is wise (unless a woman is involved), capable, and yummy. He’s the one that freed his siblings from their evil father, he’s the one that led Olympus to defeat the bad guys (Titans), and he’s the one that established ‘Olympus’ as the Greek Gods court.
He doesn’t have the best marriage (philanderers rarely do), but he does love his wife Hera, too.
My Zeus… Hugh Jackman.

Hades is often referred to as the Lord of Death. Yes, he’s the ruled of the Underworld, the Keeper of the Dead, Cerberus’ (the 3-headed dog) master… Not a very fun domain. But, in my novel, Hades is pleased with his realm and the responsibility he has. He’s the kind of guy that takes his job very seriously, respecting the Fates demand for order amongst all the realms. But he’s not very warm or fuzzy, in fact, he’s kind of nervous about the whole relationship side of things. Needless to say, Persephone has her hands full.

My Hades… Eric Bana (specifically Eric Bana in Troy J)

Poseidon is God of the Sea… and Fertility. He’s a very competitive God, stirring up rebellions and causing lots of mischief. He’s mentioned a lot in the classic myths, and my version evolved into this bad-boy that needs to be redeemed. He can’t help himself. He’s a selfish, impatient, jealous, and spontaneous deity. It’s his charm and his curse. So far in my series he’s done nothing but torment. You’ll be pleased to know that he does get what’s coming to him in the end…

My Poseidon is-unequivocally- Gerard Butler

Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are the big three, mighty brothers that love and hate one another. But they’re not alone in their reign of Olympus, or their utter hotness. Apollo is in the works, inspired by my big-time celebrity crush Chris Hemsworth *sigh*!

My first book in the Loves of Olympus series is Medusa, ALove Story. It’s getting fantastic reviews (yay!). All the yummy men above are in it! All the yummy men above are in it! But the hero, Ariston, is a lowly mortal… He’s not too shabby though. I see him as the delectable Alex Pettyfer (more Beastly than Magic Mike).

But however you cut it, and whoever you visualize as the men of Olympus, they are a gorgeous, manly crew – a veritable feast for the senses. Here’s hoping my muse stays content and I get to stay with these guys for a while longer.

Thanks again for having me Heather!

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  1. Thanks for having me Heather. I can think of nothing better than sharing my Olympian man love ;)