Saturday, September 1, 2012

Supernatural Saturday: Micah & Mrs. Miller Sneak Peek

Our theme for September is Superhero September so I'll be chatting up a lot about superheroes including my forthcoming novel. But superheroes exist in all time frames, so today I thought we'd take a sneak peek at Micah & Mrs. Miller, the third novel in my Fevered Hearts series due out this October.

"What about the other one? Didn't Cody say there were two of them?" The wolf shifter could smell lies or at least that's what the others said. He also had a real issue with working women. He never set a foot near Madame Pontfour's and it wasn't just because of his wife.
"Her name's Delilah. She's a quite little thing. Pretty sure Pa scared her to death when he roared at Kid. She's like a shadow at the ranch house, hiding away in her room."
"Then maybe she does know something." He strapped on his gun belt and gathered his dirty laundry into a sack. He could take it home or leave it, either way it would get clean.
"Possible. Now that you're home. I'll distract Scarlett, you find out."
He knew that was coming. "Why me?"
"Cause you're the nice one. Everyone likes you, brother mine, and they talk to you."  That was Micah. The second son, the easy one. No one worried about his temper or his reactions. Not that he didn't possess those attributes, but sandwiched between Sam's strict moral code and Kid's utter lack, he and Jason learned quickly how to keep the peace.
"I've got a lot of horses to get ready and more work than I can handle. Now you want me to sort this out. Thanks brother."
"When you have a baby on the way, you can hand it all off to me." Sam grinned, clapping him on the shoulder. "I promise. So what's the teacher like?"
Micah shrugged and followed his brother out of the bathing room, bag tucked under an arm. He waved to the Caddo behind the desk and left another nickel for the cleanup. Generosity flowed in their veins. Their Pa raised them to work hard, fulfill their responsibilities and look after the community.  Outside, the town's hustle quieted. The sun drifted lower on the horizon and the kerosene lamps were already lit.
"She's nice enough. A little green, and maybe a little too back east, for Dorado." Which wasn't totally fair. Despite her obvious discomfort, she didn't complain. She tried to help. Her exotic accent left him in a wild knot of improper thoughts. He wasn't sure how long she'd been widowed and asking her directly would be rude.
Still, while he sorted out this latest debacle for Kid, he could take the time to get to know her. Settle her into the cottage they fixed up for her. Show her around the Flying K, the town, and begin to court her.
"I know that look."
"What look?"
"That I like her look." Sam stared at him. "She's a widow, Micah."
"Leave off, brother. Worry about your own wife. I'll take care of Mrs. Miller."
"You chase her off and Pa will be after you next."  Sometimes being the second son carried its own burden, he would never live up to Sam's straight-laced attitude or firm convictions. The man nearly denied himself a wife over his belief that Scarlett was a criminal. She loosened him up some, but he didn't bend far.
"I'm not going to chase her off. I'm going to be kind, polite, and helpful. I want her to feel comfortable here, settle in, get to know all of us." And if a solid neighborly attitude let him begin to court, there wasn't anything wrong with that.
Sam pushed his hat back onto his head and Micah mirrored the action. "Be careful little brother. Times are changing."
Change didn't mean bad, but he understood the warning in the Marshal's voice. They had secrets to protect—secrets like Scarlett's ability to control fire, Cody and his wife's shifting, Buck's dream walking and Noah's healing. The ranch offered them a sanctuary away from the mountain in far West Texas where Scarlett and her Fevered siblings grew up. But war rumbles in the east continued to drum and more. Protecting their family meant keeping that secret close.
"I know. I'll take care of Mrs. Miller. She's came here to teach…"
"…and to escape something back east." Sam interrupted, expression thoughtful.
"Jason send word?"
"No, but a widow doesn't leave the safety of a city and what's known for the west and the unknown without a good reason. Watch yourself, little brother."
"You, too."
They parted ways, Sam heading back to his office while Micah walked over to wait for Mrs. Miller at the hotel. She was new.
And they had a lot to hide.

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  1. This sounds like a really good book. I love historical paranormal stories. I will be looking up the 1st book in this series. Thank you for the blog.