Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Post Mortem The Rager

Yep, I'm days late with this post mortem and I blame deadlines for it, but here I am after rewatching the episode this morning ready to do my breakdown. Don't worry Once Upon a Time fans, I'm writing up that post mortem next.

I want to say that I loved this episode and there was certainly lots to love—but one character storyline in particular made me angry. Really angry. The character in question is Stefan Salvatore. Most of the time I like Stefan, I do. He's not my favorite, but he's not a waste of space either. I used to appreciate his relationship with Elena, but if any episode could confirm that he was the worst choice for her: The Rager did that.

In this episode:

  • Stefan used guilt to make Elena feel bad about being angry
  • Asked a baby vamp to be responsible for his sobriety and pull him back from the edge—no matter that he could blow through Caroline like a piece of Kleenex
  • Wanted Elena to focus on the fun because he doesn't want her to turn off her humanity
  • Encouraged Elena to go to Rebekah's party, despite the fact that Rebekah hates her and is driving Elena nuts and then has the temerity to just wander off so that Elena is left alone with Rebekah—who took advantage of the situation to continue taunting the baby vamp
  • Takes her out for a motorcycle ride to show her life can still be fun
  • Doesn't have anyone watching the STARVING baby vamp when she goes off to feed from Matt, first AT SCHOOL and then later after she's been injured and werewolf venom poisoned, she goes back to her place ALONE to feed again

Pardon me, but wtf?  This entire arc in the episode just made me loathe Stefan. He's selfish, he doesn't want his girlfriend to change and he sure as hell doesn't want Damon helping her lest she turn into Damon. He whines that his brother won't be there for him because Damon is going to honor their agreement and he's acting holier-than-thou about it all. Is it any wonder that Elena is keeping secrets from him? And will likely continue to?
Sorry, in the words of Jack Nicholson: Stefan can't handle the truth.

New Hunter in Town…

…and apparently he's one of the Five. You know—the Five? Klaus was impressed. I'm assuming not the Jackson Five or some other miracle music band but a group of elite vampire hunters (oh and apparently since Jeremy can see the markings he can drink the special kool-aid).  Connor proved he was definitely a bad ass in this episode:

He took down a deputy, froze Tyler with a paralytic (explain which paralytic works on hybrid boy and how Connor figured out he was a hybrid—cause he acted like he knew what he was doing) and then extracted Tyler's venom from his gums in a brutal needle scene—but he didn't kill him. One would assume if he knows he's a hybrid enough to take out the werewolf venom—why didn't he chop his head off?

He shanghaied Jeremy at  school and quizzed him about the local vamps. We know Connor is suspicious of everyone including Elena, but he didn't figure out that Elena and Jeremy are siblings and involved? Yeah? Me too. So Connor finds out Rebekah's definitely a vamp and he spikes her keggers with werewolf venom – interesting to watch that it does make Rebekah sick but she isn't likely to die—Elena on the other hand goes downhill fast—but then she's a starving baby vamp.

I would like to also note that this is the second time we see a Stefan/Elena make out scene where she shoves him away and this time she's hallucinating Damon. She doesn't understand why she's seeing him, but he reminds her that they are alike and she needs him.

Yes, yes she does.

Most Annoying Bodyguard Award Goes To…

Meanwhile, Klaus comes in to bring his hybrids to protect  Tyler and an old friend of Tyler's, Hayley (Secret Circle's Phoebe Tonkin) appears at the Lockwood Manse. It seems she helped Tyler shift over and over and over again and Klaus immediately picks up on the tension.

Did Tyler stray with Hayley? Poor Caroline.

The Buddy System

Damon heads off to take out the vamp hunter. He finds his trailer, but gets caught in a trap involving explosives (nicely done Connor), so he calls Meredith out to get him from the trap. A lot of people asked me why of all the people he could call, he'd call Meredith?

He doesn't care if Meredith lives or dies. There are three people responsible for Elena being a vamp: Meredith, Matt, and Rebekah—safe to say that Damon won't mind if they die at any point.

In an amusing twist, Klaus and Damon work together to set a trap for Connor that Jeremy sends him right into along with Meredith. Klaus also keeps Connor from staking Damon. But he's fascinated and rather than let him get blown up, he apparently steals the hunter away. Because being one The Five just blows his mind.

So does that make Connor Bluffy (Blade+Buffy) the Vampire Slayer? He comes from some ancient line and there can be only five? Yes I am being snarky, but still.

Thankfully, Damon swings by Elena's and keeps her from killing Matt. He pulls her back and when she lunges for him, he tells her to stop and she just does. Hmm. He compels Matt and sends him away and then tellsElena she needs to learn and he will teach her.

Thank you!

New BFFs Rebekah and April?

Sorry, I just don't care. I don't like Rebekah, like Klaus, she whines WAY too much. Please bring back Elijah.

Oh and note to Stefan: Next time just do what Damon did and point out to Elena that it doesn't matter how pissed she is, Rebekah's an Original, she can't win the fight unless she's uber sneaky and has a backup plan--or can stake her in the back--wait, Elena should know that already...

Next week, Damon teaches Elena to hunt during a costume party at a frat house—hell yes, I'll be there. You?


  1. Yeah, Mr. Conner Five is bugging me. According to the storyline, Hybrids are a new thing...started by Klaus after a centuries long attempt at getting a doppleganger and yadayada.
    If they're new, how did Bluffy KNOW how to collect venom anyway? And, yeah, the paralyizing thing bugged me.

    Stephen...gah. No. Words. CanNOT believe that Stephan basically GUILT TRIPPED Elena about her Rebekah plan. Really?
    And the Caroline bit. Gaaaaah. Really Stephan?
    No. Words.

  2. I agree. I vote for WAY more Elijah and WAY more Daemon. Ack - I freaking hate Stefan. He is so broody and such an emo. *gag*
    I had the same thought about the Hunter trusting Jeremey. Damn, I love this show!! LOL