Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Show & Tell Tuesday: Virginia Nelson & Clothing Optional

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and I have to say, next to Thor's Day this is becoming my favorite day of the week. You may have heard me mention Virginia Nelson before either here or on Twitter or Facebook or maybe in the acknowledgements of a book. Not only is she an awesome critique partner who keeps up with my crazy ass writing schedule, but she's also a terrific writer in her own right.  This week's show and tell feature is a sexy little number called Clothing Optional and yes, I put that in bold.  In case you're wondering, it's steamy, sexy fun at its best. I'm happy to share this little gem just in case you were looking for a read to warm up those cold nights or for a well-deserved reprieve from election madness.

Clothing Optional 

On the rebound, Brie is thrilled at the idea of a vacation on the beaches of Florida. It will be especially great since it is with two men who are absolutely irresistible…and equally unattainable.

Murphy and his boyfriend are offering the escape and maybe, if she spends enough time with them, maybe she will be able to resist wanting to strip them every time she sees them. Murphy has always been oddly attracted to his best pal, Brie. But he has never touched a woman in that way. When his lover and boyfriend Andy suggests they make love to her, that she is perfect for them to experience a ménage, Murphy wonders if he is not enough somehow.
But the temptation of having them both…

When they get to the resort and find out that “Clothing Optional” should have been in bold print on the brochure, the three of them are in for the weekend of their lives.

What reviewers are saying:
Like that first spoonful of rich velvety ice cream, these three are entirely too luscious to stop at one bite. Coffee Time Romance 

I recommend Clothing Optional if you have a spare half hour and want something steamy to feast on. Happily Ever After Reviews

With that attraction, feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and fear abound. Since this is a shorter tale, I appreciated that Nelson created a friends-first concept. The sexual components wouldn’t have worked for me otherwise. Night Owl Reviews

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