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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem: We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes

In this case, we go a lot crazy and it wasn't just Elena that went a little loopy this week—it was me, jumping up and yelling YES as the episode winded down. Why was I so excited? Well anyone who follows these post mortems knows that my largest complaint has been telling me how much Elena is supposed to care about Stefan, but showing me that it's really Damon she trusts and Damon she reaches out to and Damon who empowers her—and in last night's episode, that was made even more abundantly clear.

Slasher Movie
You know, Elena really has gotten the crap end of the vampire transition spin the bottle game. But considering how much pivots around her, this isn't surprising. Troubled by bad dreams, she goes down to the kitchen to find something to eat or drink or do and Connor appears to her. Convinced it's a ghost, she yells for Jeremy (after all her brother can see ghosts), but Connor's torment includes seizing her and she grabs a knife and stabs him in the neck—unfortunately who she really stabbed was Jeremy and she's horrified as he bleeds out.

I Just Called to Say I Killed My Brother
It didn't surprise me that Elena called Damon when it went awry and the elder Salvatore showed up to help. As Elena twisted herself into knots over what she would say to Jeremy, Damon suggested "I'm sorry, but I'm glad you're still wearing the ring that drove Alaric crazy?"  He also asks her why she didn't call Stefan. But she doesn't want to talk to Stefan, she's still pissed at him for what went down at the Grill and his deal with Klaus.

Unfortunately, Damon did call Stefan—which he informs her via "P.S. I called Stefan."

Klaus Was Right…for a Change
And maybe that headline is a little unfair, but for the first time in EVER I was actually on Klaus' side for part of the argument. Who would have ever thunk it? The Original is back in town and he makes a beeline straight for Elena's. He's upset that Connor is dead, but he can roll with it. There are four others left of those five, they just have to find them.

Damon advises Stefan to not duck Klaus' calls—that's suspicious.  Stefan steps out to meet him and Klaus tells him they need to lock Elena up because of the hallucinations. Stefan isn't biting, but Elena has a total bloody shower freakout and comes downstairs—only to see Damon turn into Connor and she rushes for the door to flee.

Klaus grabs the girl and takes off.


They Need a Plan
The Salvatores split up with Damon taking the Witchy one to go see Professor Shane who just happens to be hosting a free exhibit of his cultural artifacts and tells a story about the rock that could have been a gravemarker for an immortal. Now check this, the immortal had a witch develop a spell that would let him live forever. But he didn't want to live with her forever, he wanted to live with another woman. When he planned to give that woman immortality, the witch had a hissy fit, killed her and trapped him forever (yes I'm paraphrasing, I haven't had a chance to watch it again).

How much you wanna bet Professor Shane is the immortal guy who needs to be freed? 

But I digress.

Bonnie introduces the Professor to Damon and asks about the mark. The Professor recognizes it immediately and asks if Damon has a dead hunter in his trunk. Damon replies enigmatically, "metaphorically speaking." The prof explains that the vampire who killed the hunter will be cursed until a new hunter is called or accepts their calling.

Damon sends Bonnie to fetch Jeremy. Cause he knows exactly what to do now.

Klaus is Bat Crap Crazy
We've known he's been a nutball—but let's face it, Klaus killed all five of the first five. So all five haunted him and tormented him for 52 years and change. Klaus actually wanted to off himself during that time period and eventually it just stopped. He didn't know why (but of course we know it was because a new set of Five emerged).  He locks Elena up in a bedroom with priceless artwork and no windows.

He tells her she's going to want to kill herself and warns her that the tormentors will take a wide variety of forms. Two things that made me laugh in this scene—Elena's initial reaction when she saw the bed and the fact that she actually ASKED Klaus questions. Normally she skates right past that part.

Her tormentors do take a lot of forms—Connor and eventually Katherine.

I  Lost Her
Stefan learns that Tyler and Hayley have been working to free the Hybrids and that one of the guards: Chris is no longer sire bound. They use this to get Stefan in to sneak Elena out—unfortunately, Elena drives a steel bar through Stefan's gut and flees. Is there anything funnier than Stefan calling Damon and saying "I got her—but I lost her."

He also tells Damon to go after her because she'll listen to him. He'll help Jeremy get the mark activated.

Which they do but the results are unfortunate for several other relationships.

By the way, Kudos to Jeremy because when Bonnie told him he had to activate the mark by killing a vampire, he snarked, "give me a stake, I'll kill Damon right now."

Caroline had been distracting Klaus but when Stefan told her what they needed to do, she told Klaus what was happening. Furious, he started to storm out and even told Caroline that no matter how much he liked her if she didn't shut up, he'd kill her. But she confessed they had a solution—

Meanwhile at the Lockwood Estate, Chris is getting ready to leave. He's going to run far and fast so he can have his life back, but when he opens the door—Klaus is there. He slams Chris against the wall and chides him for his betrayal and reminds him that he is supposed to want to do what Klaus tells him—that's how the sire bond works. Tyler and Hayley try to cover, but this cat is out of the bag.

Klaus lets Chris go and Jeremy stakes him as he makes it to the door. Tyler and Hayley can only watch horrified as Jeremy cuts Chris' head off with Stefan and Caroline guarding his back.

I Promised Him a Date
Tyler's body blows don't stop—because Caroline convinced Klaus to give up a hybrid by promising him a date. She had to save their friend, but Tyler points out she did it by sacrificing one of his friends—his pack. Methinks the Alpha in Tyler is finally awake and rocky ground is ahead for my favorite couple.

Effing Wickery Bridge

Someone needs to burn this bridge, but yes, this is where Elena went when she fled Stefan. On the bridge she stares into the water where her life changed so dramatically—twice. Her tormentor turns into her mom (whom we last saw in the flashbacks in last season's finale). Tormentor Miranda reminds Elena that she should have died when their car went off the bridge and that she was ready to die last season when she asked Stefan to save Matt.

By the way, I would like to point out that this is confirmation that Elena chose death. She was somewhat suicidal and has been struggling to be the girl she was before her parents died for three seasons. Tonight she confronted that about herself and as unhappy as she was—she was making herself more miserable by trying to continually be that girl.

She took off her ring and dropped it in the pond and waited for the sun.

He Will Always Save Her
Damon found her on the bridge. He knew where she would go and said, "So, third time's the charm?" When he realized she didn't have her ring though, he got tense. The curse eventually passed and a dazed Elena came back to herself and began to burn.

Damon grabbed her and tossed them both into the water. Later, Elena wakes in herbedroom—ring on her finger and Damon sitting in the window seat. They share a beautifully sweet moment and for the first time, she genuinely thanks him for saving her and she takes his hand.

Taking the "annoying" high road as he puts it, Damon tells her what Stefan was up to and why he wanted Connor alive. He tells her the truth, because she needs to know it and also lets her know that vampires don't like to swim.  He also asks that she spread his ashes at Wickery Pond after Stefan kills him for telling her.

I Can't Do This Anymore
Stefan and Elena sit down to talk on the porch and he knows that Damon told her. She asks him why he sent Damon and he says because Damon can get through to her—even when he can't. She acknowledges that her feelings for Damon, they've grown and Stefan says "magnified." She nods and says she's not the girl who chose him—not anymore. And she's finally had to accept that. Stefan says he can't do this anymore. And they break up.

  • Elena's feelings for Damon magnified, suggesting she was more in love with Damon than Stefan (which I knew)
  • Her feelings for Stefan didn't—except for the feelings of distrust and the need to hide her true self from him
  • Her struggles have been largely internal—answering the age old question of who am I and who do I want to be?

If you'll recall she told Caroline way back at the beginning of season three that she wasn't sure what it meant about her to be in love with Damon—a thought she repeated to Matt. But she's not running from it. Not anymore.

Alaric's Chair
Despite his death, Alaric remains a powerful influence on the show. Damon still gets him a drink at the Grill and keeps his seat open. He also met with Professor Shane in Alaric's classroom and smiled at the bottle of bourbon (whiskey or whatever) in the drawer.  Matt approaches Damon and though Damon initially gives him the brush off, he tells Damon that April said something funny about Professor Shane. She recognized him.

He also traced several calls from Pastor Young to the Professor – one every day and ten on the day the house blew up. Damon is intrigued. 

I figure this also explains the Pastor's seemingly compelled reaction: hypnosis anyone?

You're Going to Need Me
Bonnie and the Prof are talking too and she finally asks him how he knows everything that he does. He keeps it enigmatic, but tells her that when her hunter completes his mark (and he knows she has one) she will need to find him. Does she understand? Bonnie nods slowly. Yep, Bonnie's day in hypnotherapy has her completely open to Professor Shane's control.

Next up: Miss Mystic Falls in Two Weeks


The following is purely speculation and I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade. I am a huge Delena fan, I've wanted them together since season one. I know that we saw Elena reaching out to Damon in the previews and Stefan bitching that it should be the happiest day of Damon's life that Elena did choose him, but I know the obstacles are not out of the way.

I said last season I thought Elena would wake up sire bonded to Damon and I think she is. She said she killed Connor because Damon told her to do it. She fed, because Damon told her. She stopped attacking Matt when Damon told her. She started to come out of her cursed state when Damon spoke to her on that bridge.

If she is sire bonded, Damon will want to break that so that he can know Elena truly chose him—because that's the kind of guy he is. I don't think it diminishes her feelings for Damon at all, but I do think it demonstrates once again that Damon is her hero—and he will always save her. Even from herself.

No Vampire Diaries next week because of Thanksgiving and new episodes return on the 29th! Here's hoping for a repeat of the best dance ever from their first turn at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

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  1. I am a huge Damon and Elena supporter too!! I cheer every time they have a moment.

    I read the first four books, but couldn't get through the first book of the "sequel". So a lot of what happens is new to me and I don't know how close they are following the books.