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Release Day: The Marine Cowboy

The seventh installment in the Always a Marine anthology in 1Night Stand (1NS) line for Decadent Publishing. 1Night Stand is the business name of an exclusive online dating service run by Madame Evangeline who provides her clients with a possibility of happily ever after or happily for now.

The Marine Cowboy 
Always a Marine #7

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 Turning down a billet at Mike's Place in Dallas, Sergeant A.J. Turner left Iraq for Freewill, Wyoming with one goal in mind—to forget the last five years. Trading his MARPATS for jeans and his cover for a cowboy hat, he plans to work his ranch and pray the green grass, tall trees, and sweet mountains can wash away the taste of the desert.

The last thing he expected was a reminder of a promise made to his buddies: one night to help them all start again.

Sheri Vaughn quit her corporate job, sold her house and moved to Freewill on a whim. Six months after her divorce, she's hardly ready to put her toe in the dating waters again. One bottle of wine later, however, she signs up for Madame Eve's exclusive 1Night Stand service and lists a very particular set of qualities she wants in a man; he must be honorable, courageous, forthright, single, have served as Marine, but be a cowboy at heart. If she wants to dream, at least she can dream big.

But when local hero A.J. Turner arrives home, Madame Eve comes through, and Sheri has to find the courage to make her dream a reality…

 Can one night, even a night arranged by Madame Eve, fulfill both a promise and a dream?


Holy hell in a hand basket. Her gaze tracked the rugged stranger as he left the café and crossed the street. The jeans he wore hadn’t been spray painted on, but they definitely gave her a great visual of hard muscle and male confidence. He walked like he owned the town, but without any hint of pretentious air. That was a man who belonged in Freewill. She didn’t know who he was. She thought after six months she’d met most of the locals, but she would have remembered him.
“A.J. Turner.” Bea poured fresh coffee into her cup, heating it up.
Sheri spent nearly every morning at the café reading before she walked one block down to open the library. Trading her job as a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company to be a small-town librarian didn’t suggest upward trajectory, but the town of Freewill healed that broken empty place inside left by her ex-husband’s series of affairs.
“The war hero?” She blinked and glanced back at the window, but he’d already disappeared.
“One and the same. Boy hasn’t been home since he left and didn’t tell anyone he was coming back either.” Bea clucked her tongue and wrote out the check. The café preferred the old pen and paper method, and since Sheri ate fruit and drank coffee every morning, the price was always the same.
“What branch did he serve in again?” Curious, she glanced at the waitress. Bea had been born, married, gave birth to her children, and buried her husband in Freewill. The town fixture wasn’t going anywhere. She also took Sheri under her wing from the day she arrived, treating her like an old friend—or a daughter.
“Marines, honey. That young man is definitely one of Freewill’s proudest.” She winked and went back to work.
A Marine. A tremor raced over her and her stomach seemed to bottom out.
The message waiting in her email that morning from Madame Eve made so much more sense. Biting her lip, she strained to look down the street. She wished she’d paid closer attention to him when he walked in, but she only got one good glimpse at his face when he turned and caught her staring.
Her cheeks heated at the memory. He’d caught her attention the moment he entered the café. She hadn’t missed the corded muscle in his arms, tense and well defined even as he drank a cup of coffee. The man was gorgeous and wore his masculinity like a second skin.
But his smile.
Her heart squeezed. The polite smile creasing his rugged face transformed him from handsome to a full-blown heartthrob. Her body hummed in reaction. To a smile.
Wow. He just got home, Sheri. Dial down the hormones.

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Simply Ali's 12 Days of Christmas Day 3 Giveaway and More!

Simply Ali: Simply Ali's 12 Days of Christmas Day 3 Welcomes...

I'm hanging out at Simply Ali for her 12 Days of Christmas. She's got daily prizes and today I'm giving away one copy of No Regrets, No Surrender, and talking about my favorite Christmas memory!  Come and hang out with me and enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and more!

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Show & Tell: Virginia Nelson

I'm super excited to reintroduce my first completed book, my paranormal romantic comedy, Odd Stuff to the world.   

Blurb:Janie Smith tumbles through the paranormal world making mistakes and not keeping her sharp tongue in check. Pretending to be normal is what she has spent her whole life perfecting. But when her best friend, a witch named Mia, gets tangled in a murder investigation, Janie tries to stick to her guns and solve it without any “extra” help, be it supernatural or sexual. The hitch is that Mia is suspected to have murdered a vampire...and how do you prove you haven't killed someone who has no pulse?

What are the reviewers saying?
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would love to read more about Janie and her friends. Bitten By Books
Odd Stuff is hilarious. This story is fast paced, laugh out loud entertainment. Night Owl Reviews (top pick)
All in all, a don't-put-it down read that will have you smiling and giggling for Janie's inner thoughts are priceless.A must read for anyone who is a fan of the paranormal. Happily Ever After Reviews
The humor alone is worth buying this book. I laughed so hard in places that I had tears running down my face.Coffee Time Romance
Virginia Nelson's story is an absolute delight. I highly recommend it to readers who revel in stories filled with magic, secrets and fascinating characters imbued with powers that can only be imagined. The Romance Studio
Find it here:
About the Author:
Virginia Nelson spends her days chasing three very active kids around. When she is not doing this, or plotting taking over the world, she likes to write, play in the mud, drive far too fast and scream at inanimate objects. She can often be found listening to music that is far too loud and typing her next fantastic tale of blood, sex and random acts of ineptitude. Romance, in Ms. Nelson’s opinion, is not about riding off into the sunset on the back of a horse with the knight in shining armor— it is about riding the dragon. If the knight can keep up… well, that is love.
Visit me online!

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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem - We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

It's good to be back and it's good to have a new episode of Vampire Diaries to chat about. Yes, I haven't written the post mortem for last week's yet in large part due to work constraints and deadlines—and the fact that I didn't even get to see the episode until late on Sunday—but hoo boy did I hear about it. I want to take a moment to comment on one aspect of My Brother's Keeper because it fed directly into this week's episode.

The dramatic choice to have Caroline's screeching "OMG she's sired to Damon" intercut with Damon and Elena finally letting all their feelings cut loose and make love for the first time—bad idea. Just bad. Caroline sounded like a harpy and it was as though the writers finally gave fans what they longed for only to say—but don't get your hopes up.

Now, all of that said, the "reveal" didn't shock me nor did it diminish the power of Damon and Elena finally being together. Their chemistry burned up the screen and the absolute vulnerability and disbelief in his eyes when he realized Elena did want him—yeah—Damon deserves some happiness. People want to paint him with the selfish brush but he sacrifices a lot and he rarely wanders around moping like Stefan.

What's That Look on Your Face?

We open up the next morning, Damon curled on his side in bed and when he opens his eyes, Elena's not there. There's just the barest catch in his voice when he calls her name and she wanders back over to the bed in his shirt and crawls in with him. He thought she was gone and she just grins and says, "oh, I don't need to be at school until twenty minutes ago."

They are warm, affectionate, and Damon has this beautifully tender look on his face. Elena teases him, asking him what is that look and he says what look with a smile and she says "that look."  Damon confesses he's happy and yes, I freely admit, I sighed. When was the last time we really saw Damon "happy?"

They have a playful time, make out, get Elena ready for school and he's walking her to the door. When she asks about what they should tell Stefan, Damon asks if they can have one selfish day to just be happy before they have to break Stefan's heart. She agrees a little reluctantly but with indulgence—only to open the door and find Stefan right there.



I would usually give a pretty full synopsis but I've had a raging head cold and sinus infection and I'm running on a lot of deadlines. So let's hit the highlights of the episode:
  •  Stefan tells Damon that Elena is sire bonded
  • Damon doesn't believe him, but is willing to test the theory
  • When Elena is able to drink the blood bag and is so happy, Damon's face crumples
  • But he then turns around and begins to search for a solution (I knew he wouldn't hesitate)
  • We find out that Damon turned a woman in the 1940s named Charlotte, she was crazy about him and after she turned, she was more than a little crazy—like snapping a sailor's neck because he touched Damon's drink crazy
  • Damon found a witch to break the sire bond
  • The witch told him he needed to kill 12 innocents to free her
  • Damon told Charlotte to count all the bricks in New Orleans and he would be back in the morning
  • He left her thinking the sire bond was broken
  • The witch sold him a bill of goods
  • Stefan and Damon track down her daughter and after some push pull, find out no such spell ever existed
  • A sire bond exists between the Hybrids and Klaus because he frees them from the pain of having to shift
  • A sire bond exists between vampires only if the one turned had deep feelings to begin with
  • Tyler later confirms that the sire bond controlled his actions, never his feelings

I.E. Elena loves Damon.  (Can I just say suck it to Caroline now?)

Speaking of Vampire Barbie (who gets kidnapped by the  rebellious Hybrids in a dominance fight with Tyler), she was  raging bitch in this episode. I normally like Caroline and I've adored her since Season 2. But all I saw in this episode was season 1's self-righteous snot. She is 100% team Stefan and made  no bones about being a craptastic friend to Elena. I for one cheered when Elena called her on her crap and then kicked her out of the house.

Elena's normal mode of apologizing for breathing seems to  be over. And I for one am very happy! Elena still does the right thing, she helps save Caroline and Tyler exerts his dominance.


  • We learn that Lexi brought Stefan to New Orleans to apologize to Damon as part of his recovery (FYI, just because they are likening his ripper hood to alcoholism does not make the alcoholic sympathetic)
  • Lexi was a bitch to Damon about Damon only caring about himself (like she knows) and blaming him for Stefan falling off the wagon (as we recall Damon felt bad about that, he really wants his brother to have it normal) and that if he truly cared about his brother, he would stay away from him
  • For the first time I am glad Damon staked Lexi...
  • Damon takes her advice because he does care and he leaves, when he tells Stefan the story, Stefan looks surprised—guess he should considering he wears his martyrdom like a bloody shroud for all to see. Damon has lost a lot and he doesn’t bellyache about it

Sidenote: The witch in New Orleans needed 12 innocents to open her death magic darkness--what they call Expression. Professor Shane is teaching Bonnie expression and needs 12 Hyrbids unsired by Klaus. Gee, that can't be good....

Send Her Away

The only way to free a sire bond is to tell them to forget the person they are bonded too, send them off to live their lives and never see them again. Damon frees Charlotte and you can tell it hurts him and he feels bad that she spent 70 years in New Orleans waiting for him. He didn't know. He goes home to free Elena, but Elena doesn’t want to be freed. She tells him she knows about the sire bond and figured that was where he and Stefan went—to take care of it. But the bond controls her actions, not her feelings.

She puts his hand over her heart and touches his face and says, doesn't this feel real to you? Meanwhile Stefan tells Caroline that Damon can't be selfish with Elena (you know like Stefan is) and Damon says he has to do what's right by Elena, but she shows him that he is right by her and she wants to go back to that happiness they had the morning before and kisses him.

Based on the previews, I think Elena is successful in keeping Damon with her.  And I for one am damn happy about being right about this. The sire bond doesn't make her love him—if she didn't love him, she wouldn't have bonded to him.  And of the two brothers, Damon will do anything to keep her safe and do right by her. Stefan cannot say the same.

So cheers all, what did you think of the episode?

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Show & Tell Thursday: Meet FoxFire Authors Ditter the Great and Dawn Montgomery

We have a special show and tell treat for you this morning! Ditter and Dawn Montgomery, writing partners and the co-authors of Foxfire are here to tell us a little bit about them and their new release. The wonder and joy of social media, I met Ditter through a Decadent Publishing book club and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to get to know her and to share their book with you. Be sure to check it out after the mini-interview!

Why Ditter? It's an usual name to go by particularly without the last name. Can you share a little about where it comes from?
My older sister could not pronounce sister when I was born. It came out as Ditter and it stuck. Over the years it has been pronounced Didder. I started a book group and a Blog that got a lot of attention from a lot of people in high places. When I decided to write, I was going to use the name C.k. Blake, but was deterred from doing so by several different people for many reasons. The main reason being thousands knew me as DittertheGreat therefore it would be best to write under that name. Well, I was not about to write under TheGreat, so I dropped that part of it and decided on just Ditter. Hey, Cher did it ;)

In Foxfire, you have your characters trapped in an eclectic living museum--chills at the thought--what would be the great thing about being trapped there? What's the worst?
The great thing about living in the mansion...I suppose that would be the elaborate parties and interesting people you meet. You're surrounded by magic and illusion so it would be easy to lose yourself in wonder. The worst're trapped, and are forced to serve even after death. Mr. Devonshire destroyed his own humanity in his search for power. Each member of his collection is unique and he will exploit them in any way possible. --(Ditter and Dawn)

If it's not too telling, why a shapeshifting fox?
That one's my fault. I'm a huge folklore lover. The kitsune, the fox spirit, was an incredible inspiration. They were mischievous, sexual creatures who could cast illusion at will. There were a lot of stories about trapping them, about the more dangerous and cruel kitsunes, but also about their undying loyalty to those who earned it. Some believed a pearl held their souls or part of their magic when they shifted to human form. I started thinking about what kind of mischief a powerful kitsune would create if he were trapped unwillingly. And Shad was born. --(Dawn)

You co-wrote the book, did you find sharing the creative process allowed you to take the story to more challenging places? And how did you work? Share scenes? Etc?
How do I describe writing with Ditter? It's a jam session of creativity and love of romance every step of the way. I've been writing for a long time, and have spent several years writing with and teaching others. Writing with Ditter is amazing. She balances my weaknesses with her strengths and v/v. We usually get on the phone and talk while the other writes. Skype, instant messenger, and facebook make this almost as good as sitting in the same room together. When one person is working on a tricky part of a scene, the other is thinking ahead to the next one. Our writing sessions usually last most of the morning and then again, late at night so we can spend time with our family. (Dawn)

How do I describe writing with Dawn? It was a dream come true for me. I have loved Dawn's writing since I read Primal Hunger. I brought her in to my book group on Facebook. I beta read for her on a few of her books and naturally fell in love with them also. We were talking on the phone one night and decided to try and write a book together. It truly is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am having an enormous amount of fun writing with her...She has so much talent and we are on the same page 90% of the time. I have nothing negative to say at all. It's been a blessing to me from day one. (Ditter)

Who's your favorite superhero? (and yes, I totally had to ask!)
Favorite superhero...Wolverine, hands down. Gambit is a close follow, but only b/c I'm a sucker for a sexy Cajun. If I had to pick a superhero to be...Storm, Phoenix or Catwoman. ;) Catwoman is a superhero...sometimes. LOL. (Dawn)

Favorite Superhero- The Human Torch-Johnny Storm...No explanation necessary! *Grin*--Ditter

Keep up with Ditter and more via her blog! Loads of fun and great info, too!


Book 1 in the Dark Talisman series. While each Dark Talisman is a standalone, the greatest enjoyment can be found reading the books in series order.

Magickal null Alaya Bellemore is stuck in a mansion where murder-mystery games become a little too real. Midnight encounters with a certain shape-shifting fox becomes the norm. Even the walls and doors are alive.

Shad’s been trapped for far longer than he’d care to remember. When the luscious Alaya walks into his life he finds hope beginning to burn in his heart and soul. Their passion explodes in an inferno scorching enough to temper their resolve, and Shad will stop at nothing to protect what’s his.

Can Shad help Alaya escape the clutches of an eclectic collector before she becomes part of his living museum?

Available now at Amazon

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Falling in Love…True Romance Stories with Valerie Mann

In my latest 1Night Stand series release, First Comes Marriage, two lonely people have reached that point in their lives when they wonder where the time has gone and why haven’t they accomplished the most important goals for future happiness—finding someone to share their lives with, and have a family.

Compared to some people, I have a fairly conventional romance story. Girl meets boy, boy is smitten, girl reels him in. Nothing too out of the ordinary. By the way, he’s still smitten and I continue to reel him in after three decades. Yay for enduring romance!

Some of my author friends have romance stories that aren’t quite so tame. I love to hear these fun tales of “how we met”, but any good romance tale is enough to get my muse hopping! That’s the romance author in me. And I think it’s why romance authors write stories about finding love in all the right, or wrong, places. And it’s not just us authors…our readers want to suspend disbelief and fall in love right along with the characters. It’s Psychology 101. Which is all I ever took, so it must be elementary!

Here are some fun, true-life “How We Met” stories from some romance authors:

Kali Willows met her future husband through a friend who wouldn’t give up the challenge of bringing them together. Her hottie spouse is the real deal, ladies! They had a medieval wedding and from what I understand, he built the set for it. Talk about a knight-in-shining-armor! And to top it off, their wedding was broadcast on Food Network Canada’s documentary show, I Do, Let’s Eat! How cool is that?

One of the funniest authors I know, Katie Harper, has a sad story that ended happily ever after.

The Ballsiest Proposal Ever

My first husband died six years ago on Christmas Day. I was twenty seven and had an eighteen month old baby. I went through all the typical stages psychiatrists like to blather on about until I reached a point where I was totally happy being single. In fact I'd decided to never marry again. Kind of an odd declaration for a romance novelist. 

Then I met Rogerio. It might have been that I hadn't been involved with anyone in years but I was instantly attracted to him. The fact that he had a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was a pastry chef, sexy as hell, and from Brazil had pretty much everything to do with it. Then I got to know him and discovered that all that stuff paled when held up to his kind, compassionate nature. 
My daughter fell in love with him from the moment they met. He went to all her school functions, helped her with homework, taught her to ride a bike, all the dad stuff. He just needed to suck it up and ask me to marry him because I sure as hell wasn't going to do it. I knew he wouldn't do anything showy. What he did will go down in history as the single most ballsy proposal ever. On the five year anniversary of my first husband's death, on Christmas Day, he asked me to marry him. He hedged his bet by showing up with a five carat ring. How was I going to say no to that? His goal was to give me a happy memory of Christmas. And he did. One year later, two weeks ago, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Scarlett Sophia.

Mahalia Levey is one of the nicest authors writing today. Her partner wasn’t about to lose her and knew exactly what he was doing in her story!

George and I are not married but he has been my best friend for 15 years. I met him when my youngest was six months old. She just turned 15. He was the friend I cried on with every broken relationship, the man who would come pick me up at 3am for a designated driver home, the man who'd hold my hair when I barfed, also would pick up my young sister when she was stranded too. He never told me he loved me. I never told him I loved him. We never then attempted to date because I never thought I was good enough for him. I imagined him with a corporate black woman. He never thought he was good enough for me and it made him mad. Still my mom told him not to give up right before she passed away. I didn’t even know they talked, I'd moved out of state. I was always running from his type of security prob because he scared me lol. But whenever things were in shambles he was the first person I'd call. Eventually he gave me an ultimatum to come home and quit running or to never call him again when my life fell apart.

I did the only smart thing possible and came home. It hasn't been all rainbows and ice cream but he is a good man and I should've taken him out of the friend zone years ago. I never realized the hell I put him through after he'd pick me back up and patch me back together after the assholes I dated. We'll get married soon.

Kate Richards met her husband online in a gaming room. It was a whirlwind, West coast/East Coast romance. I’m talking days here, not even weeks! They knew they were meant to be, so why waste time?

In my latest 1Night Stand series release, First Comes Marriage, two lonely people have reached that point in their lives when they wonder where the time has gone and why haven’t they accomplished the most important goals for future happiness—finding someone to share their lives with, and have a family.
Who agrees to an arranged marriage in the 21st century? Beth Malone can’t believe a date request with the 1Night Stand service morphed into an arranged marriage offer. But after a heartbreaking divorce and no knight in shining armor coming to sweep her off her feet, her desire to find that knight and have a family is looking more like a dream than a reality. 

After filling out a 1Night Stand questionnaire worthy of the CIA, Christian Ramos is stunned when Madame Eve offers to arrange more than a date for one night: she suggests a wife! What the hell? After his best friend Jackson Castillo stops laughing, he advises him to consider the offer. Between the fortieth birthday looming on the horizon and his Latino upbringing, Chris is forced to take a hard look at his life. Reality check—time is running out for what he wants—a family and a woman to share his life.

First comes love, then comes marriage isn’t part of their matrimonial situation, but neither Beth nor Christian anticipated the immediate attraction and contentment that comes with saying, “I do.”


“We need to get this over with.” 

Her eyes widened in shock. “Get what over with?” But she knew. 

He dropped his hand and gave her a rueful smile. “We’re married. I want to make love to my wife.” He waited for her to respond again and when she didn’t, he added, “Now.” 

Beth blinked. Her heart started beating again. She liked a man who knew what he wanted. Especially when he wanted her. Stretching up, she gave him a light kiss. He clasped her waist with both hands and pulled her against him, fusing his mouth to hers, nothing like he had during their wedding. He invaded her, tasting and exploring with his tongue, forcing her to open for him. 

She wound her arms around his neck and gave in, letting the invasion happen. Every fear disappeared and the only trembling happening was from desire. Her breasts swelled, aching to be touched. She wanted him. How wonderful he was hers. 

Chris eased away but didn’t let go, wearing the same dazed look she must have had after their wedding kiss. He stepped back a few paces, bringing her with him, until he reached the bed. 

“Turn around.” 

Beth narrowed her eyes but obeyed. The zipper on the back of her dress descended and the silky garment puddled at her feet as he turned her back to face him. His hungry gaze swept over her, and she shivered with anticipation. Leaning in, he kissed the space between her breasts, his face tight with desire. No man had ever looked at her body that way…so appreciative. 

Reaching behind her, he unhooked her bra, and tossed it on the floor to join the dress. Her nipples stood at attention, swollen and needy. She shivered again. 

He tilted his head back. “Am I going too fast?” 

She cupped his face and gave him a hard kiss. “Hurry,” she whispered. 

About the author: 

Valerie Mann has lived from sea to shining sea and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has her own romance hero husband, five children, and two lazy cats. She started writing when she figured out her school chums would listen to her stories, with “The Stolen Ring”, a riveting tale about a ring stolen from a museum gumball machine, being her first critical success. Between family, authorly stuff, managing and editing for an electronic publisher and whatever else she can cram into a day, she’s having way too much fun. She loves to hear from her readers!

So what’s your story? Leave a comment (with your email address) and I will pick one commenter to win a copy of any book from my Decadent Publishing backlist. Make it a good one so you can help fuel my romantic muse!

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Show & Tell: A Galactic Holiday Anthology

Three Galactic Holidays of the Future

Celebrating the holidays is a very ancient tradition. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, the festival of light, in late December and gave each other gifts. The Germanic peoples of Northern Europe celebrated Yule and burned the Yule log to welcome back the light. The ancient Slavic ritual of Koleda was a celebration of death and rebirth. And of course Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ.
I wonder if our ancestors could have imagined how we celebrate the holidays nowadays. A 100 foot high Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza, New York. Amazing lights strung across Regent Street in London. Millions of dollars spent on holidays gifts. People who spend hours decorating their homes and yards with hundreds of lights and decorations.

Can you imagine how we’ll celebrate hundreds or thousands of years into the future?
Wonder no more.

In A GALACTIC HOLIDAY, you’ll see three different versions of future holidays:

In Stacy’s, HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS, you’ll see Chicago of the future. There are body modifications (the hero, Edison, has some serious bod-mods and some serious sexiness), slick bikes that run on maglev tracks and very advanced androids.
You’ll also see a mysterious reverse Grinch who’s leaving “old-fashioned” Christmas trees and gifts in people’s homes. And you’ll see rival police detectives Edison and Reina rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

In Sasha’s, GALILEO’S HOLIDAY, you’ll see the icy moon of Galileo. There are deep space tuggers, raider ships, a shield-protected station and scary cryptids.
You’ll see how the hardy colonists celebrate Holiday. They bake cookies, read ancient Holiday stories and know how to be thankful for all they have. You’ll see loner, Riley adapt to being part of a community and fall for the sexy, protective Leo.

In Anna’s, WINTER FUSION, you’ll see the distant ice world of Perma. There they have lingual implants, nanocoatings to stop ice melting, interstellar ships and fusion crystals.
You’ll also see how the Permans celebrate their important winter holiday of Yule. They drink mulled wine, burn an ice Yule log and welcome back the light after a long winter. You’ll see the hero, Savan—a man from a high-tech world with no families—collide with Brinn and see what the holidays and family are all about.

So come and join in our galactic holidays of the future!
A GALACTIC HOLIDAY – Carina Press | Amazon | B&N | All Romance
Anna HackettWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Stacy GailWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Sasha SummersWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads  

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