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Vampire Diaries Post Mortem - After School Special

Two lies and a loving truth—I couldn’t help but be utterly delighted as The Vampire Diaries returned with a powerful, poignant episode motivated by two of the most narcissistic characters the show has ever seen.

Carol Lockwood, You Will Be Missed

The funeral is taking place in the high school gym—which I don’t completely understand. That said, Liz’s eulogy was lovely and made all the more powerful by Tyler’s emotional breakdown as he had to get out of there. Like Elena and Jeremy before him, he’s lost both of his parents—only in this case he lays the blame for her death at his own door—if he hadn’t gone after Klaus, chances are the Original wouldn’t have killed her mother.

I wish I could say he was wrong.

The Bitch is Back

I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ve never been a fan of Rebekah—until tonight’s episode. She makes her way through the school, snapping Elena’s neck and then compelling her to keep her ass in the chair in the library. She summons Stefan imperiously to come rescue his ‘beloved’ and Stefan decides to go after her with Caroline—allow me to pause and say I think he went there with a death wish frankly because neither he nor Caroline have the chops to take on Rebekah—particularly when she is expecting them.

But I digress…

Rebekah wants to play catch up on what she’s missed since Stefan conspired with Klaus to dagger her. She also wants the cure. She compels each of them to tell her the truth. Little did she realize that Elena and Stefan broke up, but it isn’t long before Caroline blurts that juicy morsel out.

The Original vamp is delighted to hear this gossip and she wants all the deets. It’s not long before Stefan says they broke up because Elena slept with Damon. Not to call Stefan on his timing, but she slept with Damon after, but whiny boy needs to complain. His hostility and disgust are self-evident.

Note: Caroline looked mighty guilty when Elena stared at her. Because it was Caroline who spilled the beans. Frankly at this point, Elena would be well within her rights to never trust Caroline again.

Continuing with the flaying of Stefan’s heart, Rebekah asks Elena for all kinds of answers including one that turned quite self-revelatory for the newbie vamp: she’s in love with Damon.  While we the viewers have known this for quite some time, the angry admission that she didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond but because she was in love with him just drove the stake deeper in Stefan’s heart.

Elena also confessed that she loves Stefan, but she isn’t in love with him. Stefan treats her like a broken doll.

Note: He absolutely does and that doesn’t change with this episode.

A little bored with the game, Rebekah learns that Professor Shane knows what she needs so she sends Kol to fetch him. Once Kol arrives, Rebekah also summons Tyler. Once he’s there, she compels him to shift. She tells the three captive vamps they cannot leave the school and trots off to get info out of Shane.

Bonnie’s Not So Awesome Spell

Bonnie’s struggling with having her heretofore unseen Pops back in town. (Is someone going to ask why her last name is Bennett and not Hopkins?) Apparently Daddy hates magic and isn’t keen on his daughter being involved in the town’s resident vamp problem. He plans to crack the whip and make things tougher. Yeah, um, good luck with that.

Shane gives Bonnie a human bone necklace as her graduation present. Um…yay? He tells her she knows everything she needs, too. Well, everything he needs her, too.  But Kol snatches him and Bonnie heads to Mystic Falls High (because of course that’s the first place I’d look, too). She runs into Batty April who tells her Rebecca is hanging in the library with the other vamps and getting answers.

Seriously? April can die now.

She believes everything the 1000+ year old vamp tells her after she pulls the dagger out, but not the people around her. But again I digress…

To protect Shane, Bonnie casts a spell only all it manages to do is inflict all the damage he is receiving on April ala the transfer spell done between Katherine and Elena in season 2’s epic Masquerade episode.

Sidenote: Bonnie objects to Expression for about five minutes until Shane tells her that it's not good or bad magic, it just is. If you have to murder dozens upon dozens to get this kind of magic--it's bad. Just saying.  

Also, can we book a trip to Tibet for all the vamps to learn how to resist compulsion. Shane can do it. Caroline's dad could do it. Tyler's learning how to do it on his own. Just a thought.

Baby Got Wolf

Stefan and Elena flee from Tyler and try to hold the doors closed so he can’t get them. Elena even rips off a locker door and bashes wolfy on the nose as they push the door closed. Tyler leaves them be and later Caroline finds him curled up naked in front of what the memorial altar for his mother. He sobs in Caroline’s arms.

Kudos to Tyler for fighting the compulsion so long (something none of the others managed to do) and getting to shift back without hurting them. Boy has grown so much and at such a great cost.

Shane Isn’t Telling

Shane tells them it’s funny they are torturing him, he doesn’t mind sharing the location of the cure—after all he’s been working hard to get to it. He knows where it’s buried and it’s buried with Silas.  This freaks Kol out. Apparently Silas is a bit of a boogeyman to Originals.

Kol wants nothing to do with this and drives a mop stick through Shane. Thanks to Bonnie’s spell he doesn’t actually die, but Rebekah is pouty.

Shane confirmed he was responsible for dozens upon dozens of death, but it’s okay because when he wakes Silas, all the dead will rise.

Um, point of order—by rise does he mean zombies? And by all the dead does he mean every single person EVER that’s died? Or just all those turned into vamps? I’d like some clarification because frankly, that just can’t be good.

Erase My Memory Before You Go Go

Rebekah’s pouty because Stefan and Elena managed to survive. She offers to wipe all memory of Elena from Stefan’s heart, so he can be free of everything they ever did, pain included. Stefan says yes, do it—Elena is more than a little stunned by how quick Stefan is to make that choice.

However, Rebekah would rather he live with his pain and denies him the opportunity.  After she leaves, Stefan doesn’t want to talk to Elena. He’s “done” and walks away.  She starts after him and then lets him go.

Good girl. He can sulk on his own.

Meanwhile, Back at the Lake

Damon continues his quest to train Jeremy into a vampire hunter. He wants him fully up to speed before they go after real prey and just practicing with Matt isn’t doing it. He’s also tormenting himself by listening to voice mails from Elena asking him if she can come back. She misses him and she doesn’t think the sire bond is why they have grown so close.

Jeremy and Matt keep ordering pizza, but Damon pays off the cute delivery girl to not come back and sends the boys on a run around the lake. Later he has Jeremy putting a gun together and loading it. Jer’s pretty slow, so Damon pulls it apart and tells him to do it again.

Impatient Klaus shows up and Damon gives Jeremy an object lesson. Shooting Klaus three times and tells him “That’s for Carol.”  We forget that Damon is fond of several people in town, Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes are both on that list.

Klaus wants to know why Damon hasn’t just turned the whole nearby lake community so Jeremy can kill them, but Damon says the idea occurred to him, but he decided against it.  The Original correctly assumes it’s because Elena wouldn’t approve, but it’s also because Damon wants to protect Jeremy. Unfortunately for all involved, Klaus is under no such compulsion. He’s taken care of the problem.

Pizza girl is the first one to attack and Jeremy has to stake her. Damon isn’t thrilled, but deals with it. He’s burying the body when Elena calls. She confesses to him what happened and that she’s realized she’s in love with him.  The words are the ones Damon has longed to hear for so very long.

This has been a LONG time coming. No one on this show has deserved to hear those words more than Damon did in that moment.

He tells her to listen carefully, get in her car and come to him.  He can’t take being away from her anymore than she can being away from him.  He’s going to do whatever it takes to get her the cure so she can be free in her choices and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Jeremy. He also warns her he’s going to have to do some thing she won’t like—first up? Taking Matt and Jeremy into town where Klaus is having a drink in the local bar and all the patrons are in transition.

Yeah, this is gonna be messy.

I Hate My Brother

Back at the Salvatore manse, Rebekah arrives to find out why Stefan asked here there. He has a plan, he wants to partner with her to find the cure. She hates her brother and he hates his. Klaus has the sword. Damon has Jeremy. Shane has Bonnie. They need to team up to control who gets the cure.

So they make a pact.  Because Stefan won’t be happy until he’s cured Elena and figured out how she really feels.

Wow—talk about your selfish loves. Stefan really needs to get over himself. Because at this point, he is the worst thing that ever happened to Elena.

Overall! Both thumbs up. I cannot WAIT for next week.

What did you think?  

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