Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Show & Tell Tuesday: Ursula Sinclair and Buy a Book, Win a Nook!

Hi, my name is LaVerne Thompson. I also write romantic suspense as Ursula Sinclair and I’m happy to be here today as part of Decadent Publishing’s A Buck A Book Win A Nook blog tour.

Nine months ago I dropped my oldest off to begin her first year of college, now nine months later I went to pick her up. I felt that nine was significant in so many ways. I survived my pregnancy and got a beautiful daughter as a result and we both survived her first time away from home and at last I bring her home. But I already know I bring home a different young person from the girl she was when she left home. Not just in maturity based on age and book knowledge but surer within herself. She’s had to take care of herself when she was sick, deal with social situations, teachers, studying, grades, finances and the problems of living with a non-family member in a small cramped space. And others that she probably hasn’t told me about. All without Mommy being there to take care of her or to run interference.

So for those of you still having to look forward to this time of life with your kids or those close to you, know that the secret to their success is your unwavering support and love that you have to let them know is there. They’ll carry it with them no matter where they are. It helps you both. But meanwhile a good book helps you through those long days. lol

White Wedding

White Wedding- Guardian Agency Series Book 1
By Ursula Sinclair

Shanna Stiles hasn't been a virgin for years, but it's still her dream to have a white wedding. Her dream becomes a nightmare when, just before she walks down the aisle, her fiancé is seen kissing his best man.

She runs away from her life, and a chance encounter with the gorgeous, successful Ross Marshall leads to a week of passion and a connection neither of them expected. Ross is determined to have a future with Shanna, but someone out there won't let it happen. Shanna returns home and soon discovers disturbing secrets about the people she trusts.

With so much stacked against her, she looks to Ross for protection and comfort, and it turns out he may be exactly what she needs--except the man she left at the altar isn't giving her up without a fight.

LaVerne Thompson is the author of several works in the contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi genres. She also writes romantic suspense with an edge under her alter ego Ursula Sinclair. She loves to hear from readers.


  1. The thorns of Motherhood. Never been a parent, but I know what I put my parents through. Left home for college when 17 and went oversea to Bogotá, Columbia alone at 18!

    Now I know why my mother's hair is completely gray and my daddy is bald. LOL

    1. hahahahaha too funny! And so true. But only my hair stylist knows for sure. hahahahahaha

  2. Thank you Heather for having me here today!