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Guest Blog: Lessons Learned w/Sascha Illyvich

Guest Post from Livia, heroine of Surrender to Love: a 1NS

My name is Livia and I'm an artist.  And a Female Dominant.  Crazy, I know right?  The thing about this realization to me was that it took time for me to figure out a lot of things. For starters, do you know that being tied up naked in your hotel room, facing the street below is totally hot?  I mean it helps that a hot guy did it and all, but the idea scared me at first.

My therapist suggested I immerse myself in life experiences and while this blog post isn't about that, it IS about lessons I've learned about myself and human sexuality all in the name of art. You see, Bruce was the man sent to me through some decadent match making service and when he showed up, my mouth went dry and my nerves on high alert.  Not because he was bad, mind you.  But because he was extremely handsome.  Tall, piercing eyes, a knowing smile.  He had it all, and he wanted me.


And I hadn't even had my first cup of chai yet.  Oh, and let's not forget I was still dressed in this lovely nightie I'd bought right before I had that breakdown over the painting I had trouble with.  That was what sent me to the therapist in the first place.

Lessons…let's go with that.  Bruce taught me to trust myself.  Guys I used to date before him had a creepy feeling that I often ignored.  When it came time for…things to occur I ran out because those guys weren't…I don't know.  Not for me.  Bruce's touch and demeanor on the other hand, and not just because he is a submissive male *shakes my head* had a way of putting me at ease.

On that submissive bit…I've always secretly thought it was sexy to have some man submit, but on occasion I get to go down on all fours *smirk* and play the role of subservient, though Bruce assures me I'm still in control.  He's been really cool about letting me feel things out from both sides of the coin.  And I think with how our lifestyle works, that's a good thing.  He's got ten years over me and knows a lot, but sometimes he forgets I'm in my twenties and don't have all the life experience even though I have the pain.

The age difference isn't so bad for us either.  Granted it's a different generation and Bruce keeps making fun of me for using words from books.  I told him to get hip to the jive and he shook his head.  I told him once after (blushes harder) a really hot love scene that I found him phearsom.  He found out what that meant and told me I couldn't say that, as the author might send some rappers after me for ripping her off.  I stuck my tongue out at him.

Then we did it on the kitchen table.

Oh, last thing about lessons learned.  Experiment.  I never would have found strength in myself if Bruce hadn't presented me with the opportunity for growth and I'd have said no.  Take chances.  It's scary sometimes, but sometimes it's even scarier when you realize what you've lost.

Our favorite kinky Femdome comes from Surrender to Love

In order to cure the dreaded creative rut she’s in, Livia ends up in Las Vegas by suggestion from her therapist.  Oh and there’s a catch.  Livia ‘s been set up to have a one night stand with a very handsome man who promises her freedom through submission.  Can she surrender to more than just passion? 


Livia smirked, bumped into the desk, and leaned into it. Matchmaking was the same as an adult service. Right? She was supposed to get laid, right? Wasn’t this what Dr. Gena wanted for her? Setting her hands on her hips, she stared at Bruce. “Yes but….”

“Madame Eve, the owner, is very thorough with her clients and very particular with their needs and wants. Trust me.” He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a handkerchief, wiped his brow. Then he folded it back into a perfect square, stuffed it into his jacket, and continued. “I went through hell to use her service.”
Curious, she relaxed her posture, just a touch. “What do you mean? Why would you need a blind date or matchmaking service?”
Color filled his cheeks and tinged his fair skin with a light shade of pink. “Well.” Bruce held his hands out to his sides. “Some time back I was in a relationship that didn’t go well. I loved her, but she left me for a woman named Alexandria Rayne.”
Livia had to cover her mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened to bubble up from within. “Some woman left you for another woman? I find that hard to believe!”
He sat at edge of the bed and smiled nervously “It does seem sort of ridiculous, doesn’t it? But this woman was a powerful romance author who wove spells around her audience with her words. It seemed that even I was ensnared by her net until I realized she wanted nothing to do with me. Alexandria was selfish, she’d strung me and my girlfriend along. She broke my heart.”
She really wanted to laugh but she tried to contain her giggling.
“Go ahead, laugh!” Bruce’s voice boomed through the room.
She thought he was annoyed until she saw the corners of his full lips turn upward in a grin.
“It is a little embarrassing now, but I didn’t find it funny then. In fact, it caused me to overwork and end up in the hospital because I was pushing myself so hard—” His voice dropped. “To put her and Alexandria out of my mind. Then one day I was talking to a coworker who wanted to go out for drinks. You know, as friends.”
“I can see where this is going.” She pursed her lips together in a thin line. She crossed her arms over her chest and straightened.
“No, not entirely. I wasn’t going to sleep with her, if that’s what you think.” He leaned forward. “We went to a different type of club. She asked me to go with her and to obey her every whim.”
Livia cocked a brow, “This sounds suspicious.”
He nodded. “Yeah, it did to me too. I wasn’t sure what was up, but I hadn’t left the house or office in several months. I had a heart attack, and when I got out of the hospital, she was there waiting to pick me up. We had only seen each other outside of work that one time when she took me to the club.”
“And you didn’t question it?”
Bruce shook his head and a few strands came free of his ponytail. She realized his hair had been pulled back by a large black scunchie, not a neat rubber band like she’d thought.
“I was just glad to be alive. The next few weeks with Lilith were interesting”
He was supposed to seduce her? Livia had heard enough. “Let me guess, she taught you a valuable lesson and then you ended up being left alone by Lilith only to realize you needed yourself? Tired story. My therapist has given me that line numerous times.”
“No.” He shook his head again. “It doesn’t end quite that way. Please, let me show you what I did learn. Lilith, taught me things I’d like to share with you. Her suggestion that I approach 1Night Stand surprised me, but I’ve found them to be very thorough. Don’t worry.” He shed his suit coat and set it neatly on the bed beside him. “I’m just a single man who didn’t know what to expect. And I haven’t had a partner in a very long time.” He stood and approached her, bending down on one knee while setting his hand out before her. “Please, let me show you how to own control?”
She gasped. The words she’d wanted to take back had come to her in the form of a person. A real, live person who…she didn’t know what. Livia watched him bow his head. What was with a man who could control the entire universe, dominate her rather large space, and still make himself subservient before her?
What would cause that behavior?
Worse yet, the way he knelt before her gave her a view of very broad shoulders beneath his black T-shirt. His hair hung thickly in a loose tail that stopped just at the small of his back. His musk, so male and potent made her nostrils flare. Something tightened low in her stomach. Her thighs grew damp. “Okay. So, how does this work?”
He looked up from the floor. “I have found that freedom, true freedom comes from when the body is restrained, stimulated and—” Standing, he leaned forward, pressing his lips into hers. “Forced to let the mind and heart work in tandem.”
He brushed his lips against hers one more time, the words echoing like silk over her mind. His voice caressed her, causing pinpricks to race up her spine. Her nipples hardened beneath the satin. She tried to move back from Bruce, but the desk and his large frame trapped her.
Slowly, his mouth caressed hers then his tongue swept over her bottom lip.
She tasted his plump lips. Fresh, sandalwood, hints of rose and cinnamon swirled around her nose, knocking her senses off balance. Her mind zeroed in on the image before her, a powerful man, willing to do her bidding while focusing on her pleasure. Some part of this still confused her.
Finally, Bruce pulled back from the kiss, set his hands on either side of her body, and returned to a kneeling position.
Her head swam and she had to steady herself against his shoulders, only to find that his face was at the level of her sex. “How would you go about restraining the body and stimulating it?”
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a two bundles of dark blue rope. “Silk helps for those who are afraid of iron.”
An eyebrow rose.
“The chair, a perfect place to hold you,” he indicated with a nod of his head. “You’ll sit with your hips at the edge, legs spread. Arms tied lightly.”
“It won’t hurt?” She looked at the chair, a high-end leather and wood piece of furniture with arms that could be used to hold her hands down if he tied her to it.
“If it does, I’ll loosen the ropes. Just ask.”
That was the problem. She could trust him; she felt somewhat safe with a man who seemed to be in so much control over himself. He could easily hurt her, but she didn’t get the sense that Bruce would. It was odd, but she really found him worth at least a shot. Livia had never asked for anything in her life. She’d always done for herself or gone without. Life had been tough going without, even as her income grew. Still, she wanted things and feared asking for them.
The question jumped from the back of her mind to her lips before she could stop it. “What if I get scared?”
Bruce looked into her eyes and smiled. “You simply say Bluetooth.”
“Bluetooth?” Her eyebrows furrowed.
“Yes. That’s your safeword. If you feel scared and want me to stop, you simply say it and all play of any sort ceases.”
The thought of all things ceasing at her asking gave her a rush as did the tone of his voice. The words again seemed to wrap around her ears in a symphony of seduction that curled like smoke over her bare skin. Her pussy tightened at the thought of him touching her. Her body thrummed with arousal.
“You start by taking control of yourself. You have already done that.” Bruce set a hand on her exposed thigh.
Tingles raced up straight up her back. Anticipation at how this could turn out built like butterflies buzzing in her stomach. She wanted this man. “Okay. So what now?”
“Indulge me, so I can indulge you. Sit on the chair, rest your hands on the arms. Strip off the robe.”
Slowly, Livia moved toward the chair. She let the robe slip off before tossing it on the bed. “Here?”
Bruce blinked, looked at the chair, the window, and then back at Livia. “Well, we could move it away from the window if you’d like, but frankly if I were to look up and see you in all your naked glory, I’d want to know your name. I’d want to devour your body and share nothing but immense passion with you. I’d want to make sure I pleased you continuously, sexually and otherwise.” He stood and held the ropes in his hands.
She felt herself blush again. The rich timber of his voice did things to her insides. After the kiss, she felt empty. She wanted another taste of Bruce but didn’t know how to ask.
“Tie me up facing the window.”


  1. Great post. And I loved the excerpt. :)

  2. Ok. Let me see if I got this right.
    Madame Eve's 1NS story = check.
    Domme + Younger Male Sub = check.
    Learning to trust each other and let go = check.
    Steamy, steamy excerpt = check.

    I'm off to 1-click this story!

  3. Michelle,

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

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    Sheri Vidal, I have some more interesting posts coming up ;)

  4. Loved the post, and the excerpt was great! I will definitely be looking forward to your up moving post.