Saturday, September 21, 2013

#MySexySaturday - Kid and Evelyn's First Kiss from Raising Kane

Raising Kane

His fingers bit into her arms and, though the deep scratches had mostly healed, the sting still broke through her mania. She looked up at him and their gazes clashed. “I am the real me.” His voice deepened to something sterner than she’d ever heard him sound.
“No, I know what I did. I—why aren’t you gone? You should be gone.” She’d closed down the channel. It always made the conjuring go away. It had worked all day long, while the shaman tortured her with abomination after abomination.
His mouth compressed into a thin line and his grip gentled, but he didn’t let her go. “Evelyn, it’s me. You didn’t conjure me. I followed you down here.”
I am not this whimsical. If anything, she was too practical. She thought everything through, she was deliberate and he smelled so good and felt better. It didn’t make any sense. Closing her eyes, she tried to calm her ragged breathing, but her heart slammed against her ribs like a wild thing seeking escape. If she calmed down, she could erase the conjure, it would work.
A hard, impatient breath touched her cheek and she startled to find him leaning into her, his mouth just a scant inch from her own. “It’s me,” he repeated and then his lips brushed over hers, a warm teasing caress. “It’s me, Evelyn. I’m right here.”
The touch sizzled and her mouth opened. He shuddered—or maybe it was her—and then the teasing caress turned firm and his mouth closed over hers. The sweep of his tongue demanded entry and she welcomed it. She melted into him and desire flamed through her. The kaleidoscope burst and color fountained up, burning through the confusion and the pain and the grief and a tiny moan escaped her throat.
She drifted on the torrent, rising and falling to the feel of his tongue twining with hers. Heat enfolded her and then he jerked back. His pupils were so wide, the darkness flared out to drown the blue. Her breath came in hot, jagged little pants.
“Dammit,” he swore and peeled her hands off of him. Spinning on his heel, he turned with another jerk and strode off. Not evaporated. Not disappeared. He walked—away.
What the hell just happened?

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