Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday #Fevered Sale: Fevered Hearts 50% off at All Romance eBooks

Five books, five hours, 50% off. Meet the Kanes and the Morning Stars, two powerful families at the center of the storm. Their lives were irrevocably altered by the fever, but the choices they make could change the world. Discover the unforgettable saga today.  One day only sale at All Romance eBooks!


"Welcome to a wild west where shift changers, fire starters, and walking through dreams can be the norm. But, all the elements of what we know as the old west are also present. Most people don't realize these people with unique qualities even exist, which is as it should be. This first book of Heather Long's Fevered Heart series lays down an awesome world with characters that you just can't get enough of." - Night Owl Reviews

"Heather Long's Marshal of Hel Dorado is a five-star romance. The reader gets all the goodies in this western tale filled with love, suspense and drama. Sam is a gruff hero with just enough edges to keep things interesting. Scarlett is an innocent woman with fire in her heart and it's ready to burst free." - Joyfully Reviewed

"With a ribbon of paranormal woven through it, Marshal of Hel Dorado will satisfy any paranormal romance fan. Refreshing and brilliant, I will be quick to pick up the next book in this series." - Booked & Loaded
Are you ready for the Fever?

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