Thursday, January 9, 2014

Countdown to Some Like It Royal: 4 Royal Scandals

We've been counting it down this week for Some Like it Royal and how can we talk about royals without mentioning their scandals? I'm not a huge scandal chases, but these four stand out to me as some of the silliest (and the sauciest).

Prince Andrew Dates a Porn Star

In the early 1980s, Prince Andrew dated an American named Koo Stark, until her past as a softcore film star surfaced. They split in 1982. I remember when this story broke, my grandmother was flabbergasted and that rarely EVER happened.

Harry is Naked and Drunk in Las Vegas

During an August 2012 weekend leave in Las Vegas with his military unit, Prince Harry and an unidentified woman were photographed naked and engaged in horseplay at a private party. Harry is hardly a newcomer to scandals, but there are some key things here: he was on leave, he was in Vegas, and the party was private.

Profiting After Death

This one is all kinds of squicky: After her death, Princess Diana's riding instructor, Major James Hewitt, acknowledged their five-year affair but denied rumors that he was Prince Harry's real father, saying that the affair started after Diana's second son was born. He was pretty much condemned by everyone--even the press.
Edward VIII Steps Down to Marry Divorcee

Forbidden to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson and still remain head of the Church of England, King Edward VIII chose love over duty and abdicated in 1936 after just a few months on the throne. The government nearly toppled, but the couple, redubbed the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, lived happily ever after.

Do you have a favorite "scandal"?

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