Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Countdown to Some Like It Royal: 5 Fictional Royal Countries To Visit

One of the best parts of creating your own country is making your readers want to visit it. When it comes to royal families, we have a lot of royalty in our world and even more countries with royal families--some are very tiny and some are huge. Then we have those are that are fictional. Don't try to book a trip to these, though, because they don't really exist.


The beautiful nation appeared in Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries. It seemed like a cross between Monaco and France, and any place that has Julie Andrews as a Queen (yes in the movies) is definitely a place I want to visit. Just think about it, Mary Poppins as Queen. Yes, I think I shall.


As featured in Nora Roberts' series The Cordina Royal Family, this principality is another one that reminded me of Monaco meets Greek Isle and who doesn't love a good royal scandal? Princes, princesses, action, adventure and more. Cordina has it all.


A little bit Monaco (are you sensing a theme here?) and a little bit Eastern European meets the Baltics, Moldavia shouldn't top your list of vacation destinations. It's the fictional country that was home to Prince Michael on the television series Dynasty and when they hosted a royal wedding...well, it got a little bloody.


This African nation would be a hoot to visit, particularly the palace. Introduced in Eddie Murphy's Coming to America, Zamunda had some of the best garbed palace visitors, animals on the palace grounds, and bathers who...well, let's not go into too much detail there.


The picturesque little country is nestled somewhere in Norway and while the palace has been shuttered for a while, the ascension of a new Queen promises a heck of a party. But dress warm, I hear it's pretty FROZEN there even in summer. 

Yes, I went there.

What are some of your favorite fictional principalities?

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  1. Great choices, and I knew all but the last one. :) I'd visit them all but especially Genovia. :)