Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Literary Foreplay: March Pre-Writing Workshop Registration Open

We "spring the clocks forward" on March 9th, and it's a great time to jump ahead on your writing goals. This five day class is all pre-writing work and warm-ups. You will do your research, you will answer Heather's top ten questions of what you need to know before you start writing that book. You will get some time management techniques for creating writing windows in your writing schedule and you will warm up your words per hour with sprints. You will develop your plot, your characterization and your storytelling – and you will learn everything you need to know in five days to write your book. Eliminate obstacles, develop your toolbox, and write that novel you can see and hear in your mind.

Class Cost: $20
Length: 5 Days
Dates: 3/10-3/14
Where: Via Yahoo Loop

This method has helped Heather write over 40 books in two years. Students of the method have found a measure of success in achieving their writing goals, including completing novels where they hadn't been able to complete before, overcoming story or plotting issues, and making more efficient use of their writing time.

By special request, the pre-writing workshop is being redubbed: Literary Foreplay courtesy of a previous student.

"Literary Foreplay, take the class and develop your word tickler skills to tease an orgasm from your muse "
Be sure to enter the email address you want to subscribe to the Yahoo Loop with.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Last Five Years

Facebook's birthday videos turn back the clock on your Facebook postings, and highlight all these memories--for some, they are bittersweet and for others, they are just a reason to smile. Since they don't offer it for the author pages, I had to do something for myself. April 2014 marks five years since I released my first book...here is a look at the last five years.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Seriously? It's Friday already? Happy Friday Y'all!

I did great in January, planning so many posts ahead and I'll try to do better this month. In the meanwhile, it's Friday and we're celebrating the release of Shaken today over on Facebook with an online 'cocktail party' / 'happy hour.' The Martini Sisterhood meets every Friday at their favorite bar in midtown.

Be sure to join us for the Shaken Happy Hour Release Party today!

Other appearances include:

An interview on the Fated Desires blog.
Some sage wisdom from the sisterhood on Harlie's Book Blog.

And next week, join me at Bitten by Books for an entirely different party for Haunt Me!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Dallas Sci Fi Expo to see lots of my favorites including Karl Urban, Stephen Amell, Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors. I'll share photos!  What are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet the Martini Sisterhood

She’s good at sorting out professional messes…

Accountant Zip Collins spends so much time on spreadsheets that’s she’s forgotten what it’s like to tangle between the sheets. During her weekly cocktail hour with the girls, they consult a Magic Eight Ball about her crush on bartender Tony. When the toy advises her to go for it, Zip dares to color outside the lines and go after the man who heats her dreams.

He’s in the middle of a personal trial…

Tony Giordano enjoys Friday nights above all others because it’s the one night a week he’s sure to see his favorite sexy accountant. Having long since resigned Zip to the look, but don’t touch category, he’s blown away by her invitation. Tony's always been a planner, but with his custody battle looming, he's not prepared for the effect she has on him.

One night leaves them both shaken…

What began as a whimsical dare quickly turns passionate, but is an unquenchable desire—and a Magic Eight Ball’s advice—enough for these two planners to risk happily ever after on?

Be sure to join us for the Shaken Happy Hour Release Party on Friday.


Zip jogged up the stairs of the East 53rd and Lexington station, the Friday Midtown crowd already thickening. Her stiff neck ached, and her back pinched with every step. Tax season had to be the absolute worst, with everyone wanting to claim the best deductions, but failing to keep the best records. She’d been with Slemien & Karter for five years, and they still handed her the box cases—boxes full of receipts, scraps of notebook paper and, the worst, Post-its with an order number and, if she was lucky, a dollar amount.

She seemed to spend the months of February, March, and April explaining to some women that they couldn't write off their sexy lingerie as a business expense because it made them feel powerful under their business suits, while encouraging other women to record their restaurant receipts for power lunches. The world lived in a sad reality when a woman would rather claim her lacy underthings because they were sexy than keep a receipt for the long business lunch that made her blow her diet.

At the top of the stairs, she dodged out of the way of the people behind her and paused to glance at the gray skies overhead. Snow threatened, but the mild winter temps were still hovering in the upper thirties. She’d traded out her Salvatore Ferragamos for a pair of blue-green Skechers shape-ups. The five-hundred foot walk to Lexington toward Coveted—one of the best bars in Midtown—hardly counted as a workout, but it combined well with the stairs at either end of her subway ride. With the half-mile hike to the subway and the fifteen flights of stairs at her office, she didn’t need a gym.

The walk definitely worked off the calories she planned to indulge in at Friday happy hour with her girls. After shifting her laptop bag from one shoulder to the other, she fixed her backpack strap. The pair of bags were another curse of the season.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Release Day to Rebecca Royce and February Lover

Aidan Roux fled New Orleans fifteen years ago, leaving behind a woman he loved. Planning to keep it light because he has no intentions of sticking around, he’s caught off guard by his mother’s health crisis. Forced to stay, he challenges Stacey to be his lover for February with no expectations of anything else.

Stacey never stopped wanting Aidan, but she’s not a girl anymore and she meets his proposition with one of her own. A hero, just back from Afghanistan, he’s the perfect guy for her calendar contest. If he wants her in his bed, he’ll pose for her camera.

Stacey and Aidan seem made for each other—but old hurts cannot be forgotten and love isn’t always enough…