Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday! Monday! Round One of Fall Television Began...

So we're week one into the new television season. What did I like? What did I hate? What am I looking forward to which hasn't started yet? Let's do a quick rundown.

I'm on a deadline, so this is going to be a little more short form than I would normally! I promise more comprehensive thoughts later...


Big Bang Theory - Sorry, this episode annoyed me and took Stuart to levels of icky creepy they didn't manage to get Howard to back in first season.
Castle - Not a fan of the mirroring "Kate disappears" a season after "Castle disappears" and if they leave us dangling like they did last season, I'm out. That said, I did like that Espo stopped being a douche to Castle.
Scorpion - This show always entertains me. It's like a high octane Big Bang Theory and even with their angst, they still bring the funny.
Blindspot - Jury is still out on this one. I liked it well enough to watch the next one, I wasn't over the moon hooked though.
Minority Report - *sighs* I loved it so much I know they are going to cancel it. It has a combo Almost Human/Blade Runner vibe.

NCIS - Not sure I care for Gibbs being a dick to Tony, but I'll see how that plays out.
NCIS NOLA - I love that they added the ATF agent to the team, she rocks. And Brody looks weird with longer hair, that will take some getting used to.
Limitless - Interesting, willing to see it through to the next episode.
*still waiting on Flash to come back
*Waiting on Agents of SHIELD

Not squat this week - still waiting on Criminal Minds, Arrow, and more.

I'm out of TGIT after the McDreamy death, I'm done with Grey's, sorry, they rip my heart out regularly, I need to keep what few pieces are left. Scandal and HTGAWM have gotten too shock jocky for me.

Totally missed Heroes Reborn so need to catch it on iTunes at some point. Did watch The Player and spent the whole hour being torn between the movie vibe and weirded out that Wesley Snipes didn't cuss

*Waiting on Blacklist and Elementary


Hawaii 5-0 - Dude, really? Having Steve and company on a Treasure Hunt while Kono is tortured? And she doesn't take two minutes to call them on her race to the bank? yeah, not happy.


Once Upon a Time - Damn, that was a way to come back for a season opener. They've had some ups and downs on this show, but so far Dark Swan is a win with me.

CSI: Goodbye - It was kind of bittersweet. I liked the little nod to Lindsay being a CSI, and Catherine's return. The Lady Heather device was interesting too :)

Quantico - Recorded, haven't seen yet.

*Waiting on The Good Wife and Madam Secretary

Overall, I didn't watch a lot of new shows this week, relied on my old favorites and not all of them were as fulfilling as I would have liked. What about you? Any hits? Misses? What are you waiting on?


  1. Loved the first episode of Gotham season 2. Loved Minority Report and Limitless, they kind of fall in line with each other, which was super cool. I loved Blindspot, but I love Sullivan so there ya go. The Player...I kind of see mirrors between it and Strikeback, same can be said for Blindspot, but both men are great actors. Seeing Wesley on a "primetime" show is a little weird, but cool at the same time.

    I am waiting patiently for Sleepy Hallow, Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and SHIELD.

    I loved Heroes Reborn.

    October 30 is still a long time off for Grimm, but oh man...I'm so looking forward to it.

  2. I loved Heroes Reborn and Limitless. I was thrilled with Once Upon a Time but am kind of over Fear the Walking Dead... I just want my Walking Dead back, lol. Oh, and waiting on Outlander.

  3. I kept falling asleep during Heroes Reborn. I ended up switching over to a Flash rerun to stay awake. Doesn't bode well for the season in my book. Limitless was great. Will have to see about the others. I have such small amounts of free time that I have to parse it carefully. Flash, Arrow, and Shield will definitely get my time. Others... we'll see.