Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday #amwriting! Weekend #amreading! #amwatching Luke Cage!

It's Friday, September 30th! I cannot believe we are in the last quarter of 2016. To be honest, it still feels like we just got to 2016. This whole year has been a trial on top of a challenge at times wrapped in a cluster fuck. We've said goodbye to several celebrities that were much adored. We nursed the mother-in-law through a vicious case of pneumonia and sepsis, provided support for my mother when cancer came looking, and had to sit on the sidelines while more than one of my best friends faced challenges of their own.

Sometimes, all you can do to help someone is just be there to listen but it doesn't make it any easier. That said, as the year has wound toward autumn, I've watched Mini Me roll into sophomore year, kicking butt and taking names. I am so proud of the person I've helped to become. Now if only becoming wasn't so stressful!

That said, I'm behind on the writing. Stress, depression, illness, and life have been taking their toll. I hadn't realized how much till my to do list began to stretch toward infinity and I was too busy doing for others to get to what I need to do for me.

We're back on the wagon, today, though. I've made some goals and I'm sticking to them.

1. Embrace the joy.

One goal which embraces so much.

Already tackling my word count for the day while watching the fabulous Luke Cage on Netflix. What are your plans?

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