Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How about a little #TravelTuesday? #RT17

I just got home from RT 17 in Atlanta and tired doesn't begin to cover it. However, I had an exceptional trip and I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite things that happened.

Atlanta Airport

Airports aren't usually the "fun" part of the trip, I know. However, on Tuesday when I landed, I started walking from Terminal C to where the baggage claim is. In all fairness, I've never arrived or departed at Atlanta so I wasn't sure about the layout. Yes, they have a "tube" or "subway" that you can catch, but it was always jammed packed whenever I passed an access point for it.

So I walked. Yep, I walked from terminal C all the way to baggage claim. It took 25 minutes and my bags were the last two on the carousel when I arrived. If I hadn't walked, however, I would never have seen this:

It was beautiful and I actually stopped just to appreciate the simple beauty. The walk was totally worth it.

Pitty Pat's Porch

On Wednesday evening, the lovely Barbara Devlin and I escaped for a dinner at a restaurant right around the corner. Named Pitty Pat's Porch, they offered the most divine down home southern cooking including the best fried chicken I've ever had.

The restaurant was charming, our waitress was a doll and the food amazing. We loved the desserts so much we ordered three to try and I think the Pitty Pat pie was so good I could have taken a bath in it. Barbara and I had so much fun, we couldn't stop recommending it to everyone. So if you're ever in Atlanta, Pitty Pat's Porch is a must see!

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