Monday, May 1, 2017

Thank you #Readers! So, what's Next for Willow Bend? #amreading #amwriting

It's been a strange, and wonderful week here at home. Strange because the day before Ghost Wolf released, I had another spinal procedure that slowed me down more than I expected. Wonderful, because readers have really responded to the tale of Julian and Dallas. 

The one we've all been waiting for was finally here! I can't tell you how excited I am to present Julian's book, Ghost Wolf, for your enjoyment. Every journey has to begin somewhere. We met our first Enforcer, Margo, way back in Wolf Bite (btw, you can pick up Rise of the Alpha the first three books in Willow Bend for just $0.99 right now), when I first introduced you to Mason, Alexis and the Wolves of Willow Bend.

Margo was a tough character, and I was thrilled to explore her story in Rogue Wolf, which was the 4th book in the series. During Margo's book, we met even more characters including the enigmatic and somewhat brutal "boss" Chief Enforcer Julian. From the moment he was first mentioned, he captivated my imagination.

When he arrived in the flesh, late in the book, I have to confess to having chills. I wanted to know everything about him. Some facts, became clear immediately while others unfolded over time. It would take me three more books before I began to fully grasp the depth of just who Julian was and by then, I knew I had a longer journey to peel back the layers of his tale.

Here we are. Over the last several books we've discovered many things about the Wolves of Willow Bend. We've discovered what makes them strong, what challenges them, and what threatens to break them all. We've journeyed to every pack in the U.S. We've met their Alphas, their healers, and the mates who changed their lives and the world around them.

I can honestly say that Ghost Wolf, while the culmination of the journey we began way back in Wolf Bite, is not the end--but a brand new beginning.

Please accept my invitation to join me and discover Julian's truth, the world he knows and the answer to so many questions. And let me be the first to assure every reader who has written me to express their dismay that the series is over: we're not done. The Wolves of Willow Bend will return! Stay tuned for the next cover reveal later this summer!

I can't wait to hear what you think! Before I forget, I will be at #RT17 in Atlanta. Here's my schedule! Please don't hesitate to find me and say hi!

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  1. Waiting a few days and then going to read it again. That's what I love so much about your books Heather is you can read them once and then go back and read them again and think, "I don't remember reading that the first time", it's like reading the story all over again! This one more than others is proving to be a great example of that statement. Love all the Enforcers and Dallas, Chrystal, Dylan, Mason for their individuality and their strength, love and intelligence and ultimately respect of the pack! Can't wait to see where you take WoWB next!
    Have fun at RT17 and I hope you heal well from your procedure!